What's a good alternative to the WRV200?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by elmoco, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. elmoco

    elmoco LI Guru Member

    Single-box solution or router+WAP is fine. Price range around $200.

  2. astrodanco

    astrodanco Guest

  3. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    You can always find an alternative for the WRV200 (that will work); the question is where are you going to find something with "the features" the WRV200 has? If you're interested in the feature set that is "still" under development (close to a year, now) as an alternative to the slowly forming WRV200, then you'll need to try the Cisco 857W or Cisco 871W.

    Outside of that, check out the WRT54G series line...
  4. elmoco

    elmoco LI Guru Member

    I like the feature set the WRV200 (seems to want to) offer. I'll check out these two solutions.
  5. Macsmasher

    Macsmasher LI Guru Member

  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Do you need an IPSec Tunnel? if not try the WRTSL54GS and Thibor17 RC3 firmware. you get a PPTP, FTP, and Media Server thrown in for free!
  7. HughR

    HughR LI Guru Member

    I've been using small form-factor obsolete PCs as gateways for many years. I use ordinary Linux distros.

    + since I was developing the VPN software, the ability to easily debug software and update it on the gateway was great. PCs are much more flexible than dedicated routers.

    + obsolete PCs are often cheaper than dedicated routers.

    - PCs take more power and space and generate more noise and heat than dedicated routers

    - once in a while you need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse on a PC. This might not be convenient.

    Although I have a WRV200, reports on linksysinfo make me think that it would be a poor substitute for my current gateways. At least until they get the software debugged (of course the problems might turn out to be in the hardware).
  8. EricChak

    EricChak Network Guru Member

  9. HughR

    HughR LI Guru Member

    The WBR3404TX looks interesting. Using PPTP for VPN is considered a Bad Idea and that appears to be the only kind of VPN it implements.

    US$55 would seem to be a good price for a wireless router with USB. Too bad that OpenWRT doesn't support it. Do any other third-party firmwares support it?
  10. elmoco

    elmoco LI Guru Member

    I've seriously considered this route... Thanks.
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