What's Your Internet Connection for your WRV200?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DocLarge, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If any of you did not see a recent post of mine, "the WRV200" displays different behaviors depending upon its internet connection. My WRV200 will not establish a vpn tunnel in "obtain ip automatically" mode but when I set it to "static ip" I can run tunnels. Toxic is able to run vpn tunnels with his WRV200 set to "obtain ip automatically. The difference? His connection is cable modem and mine is ADSL. THIS IS A FACT.

    There are some problems I'm not having that others are when I've got the WRV200 running, such as VOIP dropouts. The first day I loaded 1.0.29, my VOIP was up for 15hrs until I switched the WRV200 out with my PIX 501.

    That being said, this thread is for finding the inconsistencies based on your connection to the internet...

  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    VPN tunnels establish with dhcp on the wan but i too have a cable modem. VoIP was never an issue but my wife for no reason would loose pptp capability after about a week of uptime (rebooting the WRV would fix this everytime). VPN's, VoIP and everything else worked just fine but could no longer pptp (lan to wan). I plan on putting the 200 back in the network with the new firmware so let me know if anything is needed.
  3. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    I had the SIP VoIP issues.

    Connection type: Static IP, cloned MAC, Ethernet 10/100 WAN

    No WLAN, just ethernet cables.
    DHCP, Static DHCP entry for VoIP adapter

    No QOS, no VPN, no PPTP
  4. Walrus78

    Walrus78 LI Guru Member

    I work for a company that has deployed about 15 of these (and will continue to deploy more). I'm sure many people think this might be playing with fire, but they have worked so-so for us for now.

    The connections used (all have vpns back to headquarters)

    Static IP (on T1)
    Static IP (on ADSL)
    PPPoE on ADSL
    DHCP on ADSL
    DHCP on Cable

    They aren't connecting to each other, but to Cisco devices acting as VPN Concentrators acting in a Hub and Spoke Topology.

    Whst we've experienced: The static ips tend to work a little better but I haven't been able to find a pattern between the ones that tended to go down based on connection type. However the older the firmware, the more the sites go down and need to have the WRV200 rebooted. That and, the more users that each site has the more issues we have. I think I'll have more to report once we update the firmware on the rest of them.
  5. TomSweet

    TomSweet LI Guru Member

    .29 firmware, dynamic IP via PPoE over ADSL, no service name (sbcglobal.net), Keep alive enabled, MTU auto.

    No SIP, no QOS, 1 DHCP reservation, all others dynamic.
    IPSec passthough wLAN to WAN works fine.
    I will be trying WAN to wLAN PPTP passthrough soon.

    I might be able to scare up some time to act as an endpoint for another tester. My DSL circuit seems solid. 1 outage in 5-1/2 years.
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