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    I have a new computer with the upscale 802+. It is scary how easy it is to connect to someone else's network. This is magnified to asymptotic proportions by the software and hardware vendors who are obsessed with stealing from and damaging your computer. I have the ...gx router, but decided not to connect it until I learn more. I read the manual and decided that there is no such thing as an easy setup, and left me with no confidence that I could accomplish what I want to do. I have been looking for a detailed setup diagram and a step-by-step installation procedure, but to no avail.

    Here is what I have and want to do:

    I have 3 computers. Two HP and one Toshiba, 2 are laptops, HP and Toshiba. I have a Brother printer that connects wireless and I have a broadband ISP. The HP laptop has MediaCenter and I want it to connect wireless to my stero's. (I understand that Creative has such a device that includes a remote with a screen). I would also like to set up my desktop HP as a telephone answering machine and recorder.

    The HP desktop will be connected directly to the printer. Other than the initial setup it may never ber connected to the router. The reason for this is that it is my secure machine and I will never connect it unless I am 100% confident that it will remain secure. For the telephone I have tried to find a full duplex modem for the machine, but they never really commit a product.

    The Toshiba laptop is for full time internet connection and I use Mozilla. Its other function is GPS navigation.

    The HP laptop will connect only when needed and will use whatever Microsoft product the factory installed to do the job. It is for TV, video and music. It will be as wireless as I can make it.

    For security my concern is not for virus protection, but corporate hacking. Five primary goals:
    .....1 - I do not want the machines talking to each other.
    ..... 2 - They will connect wireless to printer and wireless stero.
    ..... 3 - The setup will show that Microsoft, Norton, Linksys, Cox, Creative, Mozilla, Brother, HP and Toshiba cannot put any information on my machine or take any off.
    ...... 4 - I want to connect securely to my banks and brokers through their online sytems.
    .....5 - I want to be able to turn the wireless off and run with no connection or directly to the ISP modem.

    I don't think that this is much different that most folks would like to have. Just a note, I had to eliminate the security on my computer just to send this message.

    Thanks for the help.
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