Where to find older v23 dd-wrt releases?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by nicolinksys, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. nicolinksys

    nicolinksys Network Guru Member


    I use dd-wrt on a wrt54gs v1.1 in client bridged mode to connect to a wag54g v2.0 AP running stock Linksys firmware.

    If I use dd-wrt v23 from 7-oct-2005:
    WEP = OK
    WPA pre-shared key = NOT OK (the connection just drops after a few minutes or doesn't connect at all)
    Bandwidth over wireless = OK (15 minutes to copy a 300 Mb file)

    If I use dd-wrt v23 from 25-dec-2005:
    WEP = OK
    WPA pre-shared-key = OK
    Bandwidth over wireless = NOT OK (100 minutes to copy a 300 Mb file)

    The overhead of WPA is not enough to account for the bandwidth difference, so I would like to try a v23 released between those two dates, say the one from 07-nov-2005. Is there anywhere I can find that release please?

    Thanks, Nick.
  2. THILE

    THILE Network Guru Member

  3. nicolinksys

    nicolinksys Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the help.

    I tried all the following versions:

    v23 SP1 27-feb-2006
    v23 07-nov-2005
    v23 03-nov-2005
    v23 01-nov-2005
    v23 27-oct-2005

    None of these give me WPA pre-shared key with a decent bandwidth. Even in WEP mode, the latest v23 SP1 27-feb-2006 has a slower bandwidth (i.e. about 60 minutes to copy a 300 Mbyte file) than v23 07-oct-2005 also in WEP mode (i.e. about 15 minutes to copy a 300 Mb file) so I still think it's not simply that WPA is slower than WEP.

    Looks like dd-wrt will not work properly with anything more secure than WEP in my setup.

    Has anyone got another third-party firmware working with both the wireless in client-bridged mode and WPA pre-shared (tkip) so that I may try the bandwidth which it delivers please?

  4. MartinTupper

    MartinTupper Network Guru Member

    I am running a client bridge with a WRT54GL w/ DD-WRT v23-mini (12/25/05). And I have had no problems using WPA (tkip).

    I use the bridge to connect to a TiVo and can transfer files ~ 1.4Mb/s.

    I only had problems when I attempted to use use MAC filtering (the bridge connection died all together).
  5. nicolinksys

    nicolinksys Network Guru Member

    Hi Martin.

    First let's make sure we're talking about the same units:

    Mb/s = megabits per second
    MB/s = megabytes per second

    Assuming you agree, then:

    1,4 Mb/s divided by 8 = 0,175 MB/s

    so via your wireless network copying a 300 megabyte file would take:

    300 divided by 0,175 =~ 1714 seconds =~ 28,5 minutes

    While that is about twice as fast as any result I've obtained with WPA turned on (300 megabytes in 60 minutes), it's also half as fast as the result I get with WEP turned on using v23 std 07-oct-2005 (300 megabytes in 15 minutes)

    I tried v23 mini 25-dec-2005 and I get the same slow bandwidth as I did with the other newer versions (300 megabytes in 100 minutes with WPA and 60 minutes with WEP)

    I switched back to 07-oct-2005 and immediately got it back to 300 megabytes in 15 minutes with WEP, so these are pretty consistent results, but of course I can't try it with WPA since it won't connect with this version.

    If you have the time, would you consider measuring your bandwidth using WEP instead of WPA for the sake of comparing please?

    Regards, Nicholas.
  6. MartinTupper

    MartinTupper Network Guru Member

    I meant MB/s. Sorry for the confusion.

    A half hour program runs roughly 500MB, and takes about 6 minutes to transfer.
  7. nicolinksys

    nicolinksys Network Guru Member

    Hmm, the plot thickens.

    Ok, so you get a bandwidth of 1,4 MB/s (about 11 Mb/s), certainly a lot faster than what I've ever achieved over wireless, especially with WPA enabled.

    I found one article on the net which says that real-world bandwidth on 54 Mb/s wireless (that's what you have too, right?) should actually be between 15 and 25 Mb/s when you factor in all the networking overheads. In poor conditions such as a long distance and radio interference, they say the bandwidth can drop to about 7 Mb/s.

    I'm not sure what the way forward is for me now, given that in comparison to these figures the best bandwidth I'm seeing is completely abysmal.

    Maybe if I could get wireless working to a level which is comparable with your bandwidth Martin, I wouldn't even care that the more recent versions of dd-wrt v23 appear to be slower than the earlier ones for wireless.

    Can anyone recommend some software tools and/or a web resource to help me troubleshoot my wireless performance please?

    Regards, Nicholas.
  8. nicolinksys

    nicolinksys Network Guru Member

    I'm happy to report that my main problem is fixed. The newer version(s) of v23 were slower over wireless because I had QOS turned on for LAN & WAN and capped at 1 Mb/s. (This setting apparently had no effect in the older version I was using) Once I turned QOS off, speed was back to normal, with WPA and even with AES instead of TKIP. Normal for me that is, but nowhere near 15 or 25 Mb/s. I'm now getting about 8 Mb/s max. Dunno why.

    Cheers, Nicholas.
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