Which 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Tomato router as AP (only)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by occamsrazor, May 7, 2012.

  1. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member


    Currently I'm running a Linksys E3000 as the main router connected via ethernet to an older Asus WL-500GPv2 and Buffalo WHR-G54s as extra access points. The E3000 serves up the 5Ghz network, while the E3000 + Asus + Buffalo serve up the 2.4Ghz network covering a wider area.

    I'd like to get a new router, or two, to serve only as access points in place of the Asus & Buffalo. The new router doesn't need to be that fast as it will only be running as an access point, but I do want something simultaneous dual-band so I can have both 2.4 & 5Ghz coverage all around my house.

    Ideally I'd get another one or two E3000 units, but seems their price is still high. Are there any other units suitable for this purpose (bearing in mind it will only run as an access point)?

  2. ppsun

    ppsun Networkin' Nut Member

    Recommend used Linksys wrt610v2. I have one hacked into E3000 - as a spare router & occasional 5Ghz wireless bridge. Think I paid about US$40 used, some months ago. Could be even cheaper now.
  3. Monk E. Boy

    Monk E. Boy Network Guru Member

    I hope you understand that 5Ghz signals do not penetrate as well as 2.4Ghz signals. Which means you may end up needing more 5Ghz access points to get the same coverage.
  4. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    Yes I know, as I said I'm running both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz on my E3000 now and the 5Ghz range is far less than the 2.4ghz. The 5ghz covers the middle part of my ground floor but not all, while the 2.4Ghz (coming from the E3000 router, Asus and Buffalo APs) just about covers the floor upstairs as well. I'd just like to have 5Ghz upstairs too, even if it doesn't cover that whole floor is fine. The 10-15 megabytes/sec transfer speed on 5Ghz is really nice to have when streaming movies.
  5. jsmiddleton4

    jsmiddleton4 Network Guru Member

  6. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    It does seem like E3000 is probably my best bet, and I see them available in refurbished form for pretty low prices $50-$70. Has anyone bought a refurb unit, was it OK?
    Alternatively I could use my existing E3000 as one of the access points and get a newer beefier primary router. I really like the 60K NVRAM of the E3000, the only thing that I've been finding limiting is that the 8MB flash isn't enough for the latest AIO builds by Shibby which I'd like to be running.
    I've been looking at the threads concerning the E4200v1 and Asus RT-N66U but I can't work out what is the state of their 5Ghz support. Is there currently a router capable of running Shibby's AIO builds i.e. 8MB+ flash that also has SOLID dual-band 2.4/5Ghz radio support and 60K NVRAM?
  7. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    Just to report back... I ended up getting one of the refurbished E3000 units off Amazon for $60.... and it's working fine as an AP. I read some stories about bad units but mine was fine, and it's a pretty good deal for a simultaneous dual-band router.
  8. hawkmat

    hawkmat LI Guru Member

    Newegg has refurb E3000 for $45.99. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833124419
    I purchased two of them and use them as 5Ghz Ethernet bridges. They work great!
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