Which firmware for wag354g annexB?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by waldemar, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. waldemar

    waldemar Network Guru Member


    I would like to update the wag354g to the newest firmware; we have the 1.0.3 and I have seen there is a 1.0.5 out there...
    I searched the forum intensivly but could not the right clues so far.
    We are connected to ISDN here, so as far as I understand I need to look for an Annex*B* version? Can only find the A-Version on the Linksys-FTP server, and a german version that doesn't say if it's annexa or b...

    Can it cause troubles when i upgrade to a german version?
    Does it matter for the current adsl connection if i upgrade to an annexa or b version? (As far as I understand that only regards for ADSL2 ???)

    Any hints greaaatly appreciated
    Best wishes
  2. emko1

    emko1 Guest

    No to by mě taky moc zajímalo..

    Hi Could anyone send me firmware 1.01.05 Annex B, please.

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