Which Firmware to get for a WRT54GS v2

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by 2devnull, Jun 10, 2005.


Which one do you like

  1. DD-WRT

  2. Freeman

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  3. HyperWRT

  1. 2devnull

    2devnull Network Guru Member

    I have narrowred down the choices based on the comparison chart in the Global Announcement note above to:


    Now, I know if I wanted something a little better than the stock, I would use HyperWRT. Since I want VPN etc, I have eliminated this one.

    That leaves DD-WRT and Freeman. Which one should I choose for a WRT54GS v2 ? What are the pros and cons, advantages and drawbacks?

    Note: My understanding is the Alchemy based ones are buggy because Alchemy was left off incomplete. It is also my understanding that DD-WRT is now based on Talisman and no longer Alchemy.

    Thank you.
  2. 2devnull

    2devnull Network Guru Member

    Does appear that DD-WRT is based on Alchemy. I guess that decides it. Or does it? Which do you prefer based on your experience?


    Again, what are the pros and cons, advantages and drawbacks? Which one has what that the other does not? Which one is more stable and better supported? What about VPN capability (Talisman VPN?)

    Thank you
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