Which firmware to switch to?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ragnorok, Mar 16, 2006.

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    - I did some searching of the forums before posting, but alas, found not what I sought. It's possible my queries were wrong, or I was not persistent enough, but I did at least search first! (grin)
    - I went to considerable effort to get a WRT54G v4, which is starting to get hard to find by now, because everything I read here at linksysinfo.org indicated it was the cat's meow. It's been tolerable with the stock firmware, but a major draw was the ability to change it! (happy smile) The biggest drawback in day-to-day use is that the filtering capabilities are, in a word, pathetic compared to old Netgear MR814 it replaced.
    - Here's what I need the Linksys to do:

    1. Route! (snicker) Plus standard stuff like port forwarding, DMZ, blah, blah.
    2. Assign dynamic addresses to some boxen and static IP to others.
    3. Handle VPN traffic to work.
    4. Handle mixed-mode traffic with grace, ie, B & G at the same time.
    5. Filter web URIs without causing a browser timeout waiting for the blocked traffic. This is where the Netgear shone, and the stock Linksys does not even flicker anemically.
    6. I read some posts about traffic shaping. Sounds spiffy.
    7. ??? Whatever I decide to do later, like VIOP or videoconferencing or torrents.

    - I read a bit about the various firmware, but found nothing about URI filtering capabilities. The vast majority of web ads come from less than two dozen domains. The Netgear would nicely replace content from their sites with a black box without skipping a beat or causing the slightest delay. Pop-ups from blocked sites simply would never appear.
    - I'm thinking probably HyperWRT based on stability claims and overall forum satisfaction, but I'm not married to that firmware. So I thought I'd solicit input from the forum to see what I could see.
    - Thanks for your time...

    EDIT: Found a lot of what I needed in this thread (thanks Toxic!), but it looks a little out of date. I presume "Firewall filters" is what I'm looking for to do the URI filtering? Or is there a glossary I've missed that says what all of these features are?
    - It would be very nice if this chart were, say, in the FAQ, or somewhere painfully obvious for a n00b to find it! (wide grin)...
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