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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ateo, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Ateo

    Ateo Network Guru Member

    I have a specific need. I need to assign my WAN port 2 IPs, one for them being a virtual IP so that I can do one-to-one NAT with one or both. I'm not really interested in placing another port into vlan0 (unless I have no other choice).

    Of the array of firmware available, is there one that can perform this task? Of particular interest is the Sveasoft firmwares as it's the only one (that I know of) with openssh as part of the package.

    For those of you that know the PIX firewall, it would be the equivilant to the static command or the nat command on the cisco 675/8.


    NOTE: I originally started a different one-to-one nat thread but I deleted that as I want my question to cover all possible firmware choices.
  2. Ateo

    Ateo Network Guru Member

    Well, it turns out that no matter which firmware is used, assigning virtual IPs to the WAN interface is possible. However, I think OpenWRT is the best choice for me since it's not bloated with useless software...

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    well i dont use openwrt as its useless to me:)
  4. Ateo

    Ateo Network Guru Member

    How is something that you can customize to your specs useless? I think that's what makes it superior (for me)... Then again, the other firmwares do have pretty front ends that make it much easier for the admin to set up/maintain.
  5. alfware

    alfware Guest

    RV082 one-to-one NAT, HOW...

    I think I am missing basic knowledge on how to setup this up on the RV082...

    I have WAN1 and WAN2 connected WAN2 has an additional IP subnet routed to it. Eg.


    I would like to one-to-one nat to the lan

    32 and 39 would be network and broadcast addresses, making 33 map to 200, 34 map to 201 etc.

    I have enabled one-to-one nat and entered the information as:

    Private Range Begin:
    Public Range Begin: and range of 6 (and also tried 32 with range of 8)

    But still can't get comms through.

    Is there more to the config than this?
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