Which gigabit switch to buy?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by flyguy42, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. flyguy42

    flyguy42 Network Guru Member

    Im in need of an 8 port Gigabit switch. I see two on the Linksys web site, but I cant seem to tell the diffrence between the two. I know one is a bit older, and uses the "classic" linksys casing... which I prefer but Im wondering if the newer model is any better. The two I am comparing are the EG008W and the SD2008.
    Also, I am currently using a Netgear GS605 5 port gigabit switch. Any thoughts on the netgear products? Its my only netgear device, as I got it pretty cheap... so I could always go that way again.
  2. Nalle

    Nalle Network Guru Member

    As far as I know the differences between these two Switches is the casing, EG008W has plastic casing and SD2008 metal casing.

    The other thing I don't know if it applies to all countries, but in europe anyway the SD2008 comes with Lifetime warranty but EG008W only with 2 years.
  3. flyguy42

    flyguy42 Network Guru Member

    Ah... ok. thats good to know. I think Ill be getting the plastic one.. as I think I can get it cheaper... and it should stack nicely.
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