Which has stronger signal: WMP300N or WUSB300N ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mystiky, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. mystiky

    mystiky LI Guru Member

    I have been looking over the data sheets for these two Linksys wireless 802.11n Draft 2.0 cards, and am wondering if one has a better signal strength range than the other?

    WMP300N is the PCI version of the adapter and here is what is listed for it from the SPEC sheet:

    Transmitted Power 802.11g: 12±1dBm (Typical); Wireless-N: 10±1dBm (Typical)
    Receive Sensitivity 54Mbps @ -70dBm (Typical); Wireless-N @ -70dBm (Typical)

    WUSB300N is the USB version of the adapter and here is what is listed for it from the SPEC sheet:

    RF Pwr (EIRP) in dBm 802.11b: 14±1dBm (Typical)
    802.11g: 14±1dBm (Typical)
    Wireless-N: 14±1dBm (Typical)

    Receive Sensitivity in dBm 11Mbps @ -86dBm (Typical)
    54Mbps @ -68dBm (Typical)
    Wireless-N @ -62dBm (Typical)


    So, is there any difference?
  2. thepianobar

    thepianobar Network Guru Member

    The numbers are different so one must be better than the other, right? at least in theory

    A google/wikipedia search turned up the following. The links don't really explain the details, but by looking at the charts you can tell which way means stronger signals.

    When looking at transmit power, higher is better. When looking at receive sensitivity, higher is also better (but be careful, you're dealing with negative numbers when you're talking about 802.11 gear).
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