Which is better WRT54GX or WRT300N?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Prawnz, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Prawnz

    Prawnz LI Guru Member

    Which is better WRT54GX or WRT300N?
  2. dkggpeters

    dkggpeters Network Guru Member

    I have never had a problem with my WRT54GX, get great signal strength throughout the house (3,000 sq ft) and quick throughput. Can stream dtivo video 6 times faster than real time (30 minute show transfers in 6 minutes).

    Until the finalize the n standard, I wouldn't touch.
  3. mixxxer

    mixxxer LI Guru Member

    I used a wrt54gx4 for about a month, and while it is a great router - i just wanted the 'new' technology. i now have a wrt300n - and i find it to be great. took a few days for me to get the proper channels configured, as the channel i used on the 54gx4 did not work well on the 300n.

    as mentioned above - the 54gx4 has great signal strength - but i have the smae great signal on the 300n.

    i think either are a good choice especially if you pair it with a pc card to match the router.
  4. dkggpeters

    dkggpeters Network Guru Member

    I am using the WRT54GX which was the first generation mimo product and I purchased the SRX cards for the laptops and never use them. Most laptop work is for vpn to work which is limited and even if I open a large file from the computer upstairs, it is pretty fast.

    My point is, and I n technology peaks my interest, is how fast do you really need to go. When they get the standard finalized and the bugs worked out I would go with it but since all of my wireless devices are g, why bother.

    Not saying someone is foolish for going down the path of pre-n, I just don't get it. I would rather have a network that works.
  5. FrostByte

    FrostByte Network Guru Member

    I finally took my GX4 back to Best Buy yesterday. Even with the latest firmware my connection would drop to 5.5 Mbps after awhile forcing me to reset the router 2 -3 times a day. Also, like many others have reported I could not connect to Xbox live using the new xbox 360 wireless device. With my 300N I have had no problems. Now that Thibor is writing firmware for the 300N things will soon rock.
  6. Ayala

    Ayala LI Guru Member


    can you help me with configurations needed on wrt300n and xBox360 in order to have access to xBox Live?

    thanks in advance
    Lisbon, Portugal
  7. Zsankee

    Zsankee Network Guru Member

    wrtgx hard time

    In past, I had a lot of problem with wrt54gx. First when I received my new gx, I noticed, that my router had a stone aged firmware. When I logged in the routers setup, with firefox, the setup wont show up correct, had text corruption etc. Then I used the newest firmware, router told me to wait until reboot. After reboot, I was unable to connect anymore to the router, power led just flashed. I tried almost everything, but wont work. Not answered to hard reset either. Then I replaced my router with a new one. Then I used firmware update, worked fine, till one day, the router stopped responding, and the reset option didnt work. Even I pressed reset, wont do anything, jut reboot, but ip address, filtering, wpa2 encryption stayed. After a week, I tried again, then I was able to login, and change everything. Until then, my router is working fine...but not sure till when :)
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