Which model do I need?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by w3wjr, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. w3wjr

    w3wjr LI Guru Member

    I want to be able to use "repeater" mode. I am in a situation where the wireless I am trying to connect to is not strong enough for my 801.11b laptop to connect to.

    I do not have the ability to log into the wireless system (linksys) that is supplying the free internet access.

    I would prefer "repeater" mode so I can use 2 wireless laptops on my end of the network, but I could use client mode if needed and hardwire the 2 laptops on my end. I am not worried about repeater mode only being 1/2 the speed, my only other option is a verizon wireless card which only does around 24K at the location I need to use this.

    Do any of the linksys devices factory firmware allow me to pick repeater mode? If not, how about client mode? Or do I need to use "other" firmware. I would like to buy the Wrt54GS to replace some old equipment.

    Which Linksys device will let me do this? One problem I am finding is the ones that are avalable in the stores are the new version that have switched from lunix.

    I was even thinking of putting one device in client mode, then lan to lan connect it to another wireless device (on another channel) and use that for my local wireless network if needed.
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