Which NAS can support Mac OSX client

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by johnnytao, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. johnnytao

    johnnytao LI Guru Member

    I'm going to help my friend to purchase a Network Storage device,and I have no ideas which one can supports both Windows PC and Mac OS X work properly?

    Anyone can give I suggest ?

    The Model what I know as below :

    Linksys NAS200
    Linksys NLSU2
    Netgear SC101/SC101T

    I installed Netgear SC101 once and I'm not sure that can supports Mac OS X client well.

    Thanks a lot !
  2. stangri

    stangri LI Guru Member

    Have you considered Airport Extreme + USB Drive (they do have enclosures to match the airport extreme form-factor)? If it's Mac user convenience you're after, get something which is supported natively by the OS.
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I looked and looked and looked for quite sometime, i seriously considered the nas200 but wanted more. So I settled on the promise ns4300n and could not at this point be happier. I was a little skeptical at first because it is brand new to the market and there first attempt at the consumer market so i bought it locally. But i loaded it with 4 500GB drives and tried to break it, pulling out a drive, breaking the raid, rebuilding from 3 to 4 drives and it worked flawlessly all while keeping my original data accessable even during rebuilding. Not cheap for sure but fairly priced for what it offers.....
  4. johnnytao

    johnnytao LI Guru Member

    Thansk for your suggest.

    I couldn't find both NAS200 and NLSU2 locally market and only found Buffalo LS-250GL-AP can support Mac at the moment and I don't know how's the stability.

    Unluckly the Netgear one I have phoned Netgear Company locally and they tould me that model didn't compatiable with Mac.

    I think Airport Extreme probably the best chose.Anyone konw which Portable HardDrive get good compatibiliy with that?

  5. stangri

    stangri LI Guru Member

    for aesthetical reasons I would get one of the few enclosures which match the Extreme form-factor. I think there're 4 or 5 companies making them by now, I'd just research users feedback on them (at least one brand used to make a really noisy enclosures).
    Good luck, and I'm sure many would appreciate if you post here what did you end up buying, even if it's not all Linksys products.
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