Which router and modem? (UK)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 7, 2005.

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    I’m new to all this ADSL/router malarkey, so hopefully you can help me choose hardware.

    I have a small business, finally making the upgrade from dial-up to ASDL. Looking for reliability, stability, and security. Wanting to link two computers, maybe a third within 6 months. Wireless or wired (I’ll run wired anyway, for 100% security). I’ve identified Linksys as probably the best manufacturer. Now do I go for an all-in-one modem/router or separates?

    I’ve put these on my short list:

    Separate routers:

    Separate modems:
    ADSL2MUE –I’ve read here that this is configured more as a router = complications?
    X-Modem-CE http://www.adslnation.com/products/xmodem-ce.php

    WAG354G –listed as a ‘Home’ product, so will this be okay?
    WAG54GS –too new to be reviewed
    WAG54GX2 –too new to be reviewed

    Have I missed any options?

    I understand the all-in-ones are less flexible for future upgrades, but apart from that, any other pros/cons? Do all-in-ones get hotter compared to separates? ...that might effect reliability/longevity. Haven’t got my head round IP’s and NAT’s and VoIP yet. Unless someone advises me to get my head round it before choosing, otherwise I guess I’ll get my head round those aspects when I’ve bought the kit and set it up. I found the Linksys website confusing. Masses of black/blue and silver boxes, but confusing model names, and no quick/easy reference chart to compare feature differences.

    Any help appreciated.

    Cheers :)
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    ok before you do go please note that if your cp was in full stealth mode you will not be by changing to adsl ..i just found this out as one cant steath one pc having this serverce by that i mean all udp
    ports at best will only be closed..thats running sortware fire walls as well ..and cant use any type of proxy program ...also you will be on a fixed ip that is provided by your isp sever..yes you get speed but lose some blocking power to your pc ..and cant hide your ip where with dial up one could ..So be aware of this ..and good luck
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    Thanks itsmel. I'm still learning but I understood most of what you're warning about.

    Now can anyone confirm whether I should go for one box or two? :unsure:
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  5. slartib

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    Just bought a WAG54GX2 - VERY pleased with it.
  6. Toxic

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    tbh the WAS54G doesn't have very good praise. the wireless signal is probalbly the least effective signal out of all the routers.

    I would recommend the newest MIMO WAG54GX2 as this should have a better Wireless signal strength for everyday use.
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