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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by fei2010, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. fei2010

    fei2010 Networkin' Nut Member

    Router: ASUS 520GU
    Currently running "Tomato v1.27.8744 vpn3.6 ND USB VPN" that was downloaded from "https://sourceforge.net/projects/tomatousb/files/K24/" more than one year ago.

    I wanted to upgrade, could some one help to point out which version that I could choose? For usage, besides as an router, I also want to have USB support(printer server), VPN, and install asterisk on it.

    I also hoping that my current settings will be there once I did upgrade? or I have to export and import? or Need complete setup from scratch?

  2. molnart

    molnart LI Guru Member

    well, you could use the Tomato RAF 1.28.8520 ND + USB + VPN version from Victek http://victek.is-a-geek.com/tomato.html or try one of shibby's builds which provide some additional goodies on top of victek's version. look here http://tomato.groov.pl/index.php?dir=K24/build5x-053-EN/

    just be aware that your router has only 4MB of flash memory, so the firmware size limit will be probably around 3,5MB. Fortunately, in case of K24 builds you can fit a lot of that stuff into that size
  3. fei2010

    fei2010 Networkin' Nut Member

    thanks molnart. I check both of your recommendation, they are all around 3.8M, I think it should just fit in. Do you think I can still install asterisk(on USB drive) and runs ok?

    Regarding upgrade, for both of them, can I just perform upgrade via current tomato interface and all settings will be retained?

  4. ntest7

    ntest7 Network Guru Member

    When switching between different releases (ie. from stock tomato to victek, etc.), always do a nvram reset and hand-enter your settings.

    When upgrading versions (ie. tomato 1.27 to tomato 1.28) it's usually OK to just run the upgrade unless release notes indicate otherwise.
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