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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by stephenoakes, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. stephenoakes

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    hi all i'm new to this site and was looking to buy my first wireless router to connect my xbox 360 to my pc my mate recommended a linksys one as he said his was good problem is i use my bt line for broadband with tiscali and have an adsl modem which connect's to my pc via a usb lead so can i get a wireless router that i can plug my modem in to or do i need a router with a built in modem also which models do you recommend sorry to be dumb thanks all :thumb:
  2. DocLarge

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    If you didn't want the extra expense of a new modem (which IMO is best) along with buying a WRT54G, and you want to stay Linksys, I'd say look at the Linksys WAG54G. It's a combination modem/router, therefore eliminating the need to buy a new modem to work with the WRT54G.

    Regardless of the complaints that have been launched about the WAG54G's performance (sort of like the WRV54G), people continue to buy it. Neither my WAG54G or my WRV54G has given me the "fits" other people have complained about.

    If you didn't want to stay with linksys, then I'd suggest the dlink
    di-824vup wireless router.

    If you did go with the WRT54G along with a new modem, you need to make sure it is a "pre" version 5 because the new version 5 WRT's don't allow third party firmware flashing.

  3. stephenoakes

    stephenoakes LI Guru Member

    thanks mate will have a look at them :thumbup:
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