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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by skiv71, Aug 18, 2008.

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    i have an linksys am200 modem connected to the dsl on *.01

    i also have a whr-hp-g54 running tomato 1.21 on *.02

    both in the same subnet as the pc's etc

    the am200 is in pppOa with a DMZ set as the *.02 (whr-hp-g54)

    the clients are using the tomato router as g/w and the tomato router has the am200 as its g/w

    the wan port of the tomato router is not used and disabled in settings.

    all pc's can surf, etc and reach am200/router

    i'm having a probs with inbound traffic though.

    as i understand it, port forwarding wont work because it expects incoming traffic on the WAN port.

    my incoming traffic comes in on the LAN port and needs to be redirected to other LAN equipment/ports on the same subnet.

    if i'm to keep the same topology, i think i need a tcp/udp forwarder/relay.

    or maybe a proxy (tinyproxy) etc.

    can i do this in tomato?

    could i somehow link the WAN to the LAN, disable NAT, loopback? etc and connect the tomato router via the WAN port so i can use regular port forwarding?

    the reason i'm doing all this is because: -

    am200 doesnt half bridge properly (needs dhcp setting to on, which causes problems at renewal time for leases)

    am200 in full bridge works, but i cant easily reach the modem admin pages without rewiring

    i really want the modem and tomato router is seperate locations in the building linked only by the existing cat5e network/switches etc

    ant thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated


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