why do i not get 54MBps transfer rates?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by stereoca, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. stereoca

    stereoca Network Guru Member

    Hi, I transfer alot of large files like movies from my laptop to my desktop computer. My laptop is on the wireless G network and my computer is hooked up to my router WRT54GS. I transfer files to the desktop via FTP, it doesn't mater what FTP program I use but my speeds are about 1400Kbps. My question is, since I'm on a wireless G network transfering files should I not be getting speeds of 54MBps? the same goes for if I'm transfering files between 2 desktop computers using FTP, I only get about 3500KBps should I not be getting something close to 100MBps? Even when I don't use an FTP program to transfer files, just draging and dropping seems to be slow too, I know there's overhead and stuff but will it slow it down by that much?

    Thanks in advance for the responses
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