Why Doesn't WRT54GS Update DynDNS ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by BlackWater, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. BlackWater

    BlackWater Guest

    I have a WRT54GS (v1.0) updated with the latest firmware. I just set up an
    account with DynDNS and am pretty sure I did everything properly. When I tested the DynDNS account name (<myaccount>.dyndns.org) from my
    home PC it correctly went to the security-camera video server accessable
    through my router.

    However, next day, I could not get access from any OTHER computer.
    Checking my DynDNS account, the dynamic addressing info box filled-in the address of the PC I was sitting at rather than seeing what address my
    home router was assigned at the moment. (Note, I leave my home PC
    turned off for security and safety reasons - only the router and video
    server remain on)

    Why isn't the router updating DynDNS when its IP address gets
    re-assigned by my internet provider ? I thought that's how this is
    SUPPOSED to work. Is there some trick I'm missing, or some quirk with
    the router and/or DynDNS ?

    ONE possibility, thinking about it ... in the 'games and applications' section I set port 7007 open for JUST the video servers address, but didn't leave it
    open for the routers base address. Perhaps that's blocking any updates ?

    When I did the reverse, pointing 7007 to the routers base address, DynDNS would connect me to the routers log-in screen, but I couldn't get
    to the video server behind the router. I don't want to see the router, I
    want to see just the video server when I log in. Frankly, I don't want
    anyone ELSE to see my router either ... have them picking at the
    password all day long .... just DynDNS.

    Oh yea, how DO you get to a PC or device behind a router ? Something
    like a "http://<routeraddress>/deviceaddress:<portnumber>" or maybe
    "http://<routeraddress>:<portnumber" ... ?

    Any Info Helpful. I'd really like this to work properly since I've spent
    big buck$ on hardware.
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