Why ? Is the modem light flashing even if no net activity

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by marcelol, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. marcelol

    marcelol Network Guru Member

    The ethernet light on my DSL modem flashes like crazy, ever since I upgraded to Satori 4.0v2.07.1.7sv.

    Is this normal, or what setting causes that much activity go flow between the router and the modem. I remember when running the Linksys Factory software, that the light was only really on where there was a fair amount of traffic.

    I notice that when the ethernet light on the modem flash, almost immediately after, the lights on the router flash on the WLAN ( even though there's nobody on that ), on the port where (this) my pc is connected to, and sometimes even the POWER LED flashes, as though the router's being RESET. What the heck is going on ? Anybody have any ideas ?

    The Satori build I got was from the download's section.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    The WLAN light flashes due to some sort of reapter function that linksys added to later firmware.

    as to your ethernet light. mine is always flashing and has done for years when connected to any linksys device:)
  3. marcelol

    marcelol Network Guru Member


    Then why does the Power light flash off and then all the light back on....is the router hosed ? Weird...very weird...I moved to 2.08 beta just for grins...the lights don't flash like they were with Satori...the Internet light isn't always flash...and the power light CERTAINLY is turning off and on...
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    did you do a hard reset once you upgraded? 30 secs reset button?
  5. marcelol

    marcelol Network Guru Member

    Absolutely !

    Weird...that after I upgraded to Satori, I couldn't change to the standard linksys 2.02.7 via their upgrade utility, so they (Linksys) must be looking at CRC's or something, and not allowing folks to upgrade to the standard bios if they've upgraded to a custom bios.


    by the way.....my lights no longer flick when there's no network activity. Can you switch to Satori once you have the 2.02.8 beta from linksys ( i.e. can I down level the firmware ). I think I want to give Alchemy a try if it's really that much more stable than Satori.

    Anyone running Alchemy already that can was running Satori that can give me their gut impression if it's more stable than Satori ??

    Anyone ?


    I also discovered since moving to 2.02.8...that the signal strength is LOWER than it was before....I guess linksys is trying to push their "range extender" even more now....
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