Why is there no (HYPER)WAG54G V2 ?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Futureline, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Futureline

    Futureline Network Guru Member

    I was wondering why there is no hacked firmware for the WAG54G V2. It seems that this is only for the WRT serie. Why is that.? WAG54G V2 is also linux. Or is it verry difficult to make? Forgive me I have no clue. I was just wondering. The real cool stuff I read about the firmware mods made me want it for the WAG54G V2 also. :cheerup:
    Or is there a website I missed.

  2. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    http://openwrt.org/AR7Port openwrt is working on something..

    also i think that the developer has no time .. since he's been promessing new firmware for hyperwap (2.08) and still hasn't done it hehe i beleve he said in 2 weeks..
  3. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    I think making a HyperWAG would be a bit difficult, because the source code that Linksys released for the AR7 based stuff is very incomplete....
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