Why upgrade firmware ?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by chantililace, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. chantililace

    chantililace LI Guru Member

    Hi there,

    I have a WRT54GL and was wondering what the advantages would be to upgrade to hyperWRT thibor firmware if I will be only using it for the internet and accessing a shared network drive off the router?

    Will it give me faster performance ?

    One feature I am interested in is accessing the shared network drive off the router from a remote computer over the internet. Can this be done easily?

    I am a beginner looking for information, thanks for all your help.

  2. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    3rd Party firmware, especially Thibor15c, are considered extremely stable. For example, my WRT54GS 2.0 with Thibor15c has been online without a single reboot or crash, since May 12, 2006, which is when Thibor released 15c.

    Now, they also give you advanced features such as increasing the wattage on the wireless signal, thus giving better coverage in dead areas. THey aslo provide additional fields (meaning, for example the port forwarding may only let you put in 20 forwards wheras a 3rd party firmware will let you put in many more than that).

    Here is a full list of what Thibor15c differs from stock firmware:

    Adjustment of transmit power of wireless LAN
    Antenna selection
    14 wireless channels
    'Boot wait' protection (increase the time slot for uploading firmware via the boot loader)
    Increased Port Forwarding & Triggering fields
    Increased QoS Device & Application fields
    Increased Access Restrictions Policies & Blocked Services fields
    Command Shell
    TELNET Daemon (access to shell)
    Startup & Firewall scripts
    Uptime and load average
    Reboot button at 'Management' page
    Additional filters to proxy, Java applet, ActiveX, cookies, port scans and P2P (blocks BitTorrent, Kazaa, WinMX, eDonkey, DC and Gnucleus)
    WDS and Wireless Bridge (WET) capabilities
    Static DHCP leases
    Local domain names
    Programmable SES button (wireless on/off button or run a custom script)
    UPnP page to view and delete UPnP mappings
    Site survey page to view other networks in your neighborhood
    Secure Shell server (SSHD)
    Wake-on-LAN from GUI (from qwerty)
    Port redirection
    P2P-specific QoS
    Additional DDNS services
    Raw print server for USB printers (HyperWRT Thibor SL only)
    Bugs from the stock firmware fixed
    Plus other improvements
  3. chantililace

    chantililace LI Guru Member


    Thanks for the reply. So in essense, wireless transfer rate will not change if using in non-dead areas, but the firmware will give you additional features ? Will these additional features help me in configuring a network drive plugged into the back of the router that can be accessed from a remote computer station ?

    Off topic maybe, but what is the best way to set up remote access to a network drive plugged into the back of the linksys, besides using "remote desktop" software ? An FTP site, or a VPN ?


  4. prowler1968

    prowler1968 Network Guru Member

    You would need to have a drive capable of:

    1) Plugging into an Ethernet port on your router
    2) A drive/enclosure that is designed to give you the function of accessing files via the Internet - most that I have seen have a mini-FTP server built in to the enclosure so you don't have to leave a computer on in order to access the server.

    Almost any router will allow you to configure the proper enclosure/drive for remote access. If you don't NEED any of the extras in Thibor 15C firmware, you will be OK with your stock firmware. If you are comfortable flashing to Thibor, it would be well worth it for the improvements to the base Linksys code.
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