Why was the security breach in Quickvpn thread closed?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by chris547, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. chris547

    chris547 Network Guru Member

    What was it just too much for the admins to handle?

    Anybody with the right mind can see put a fence around your sheep (ie computer network) and restrict access to one gate with a guard on it and you keep the wolves out. Knock holes in that fence and put little boy blue in charge and your b**g**ed!
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Our site is not for the legalities or whether the claim is true or false. It is in the hands of linksys to comment on that. The findings may or maynot be true, however the findings did not show the actual proof, or actually how to replicate its findings in the document.

    As Doclarge has already stated, no one reading that document can prove its theory. QuickVPN does use MS Local Policies, so they are they flawed as well? Is the author going to stand by that claim? I doubt it, as it was n't mentioned. I did not see that in the document.

    as to the "Fence"

    The fence was put up along time ago. by discussing it in a private yahoo group. why not create a website soley on this subject? why use our site to relay his message? freeloading? unless the full proof is there we cannot allow really its findings, as Doclarge has already said.

    Common sense would be to use a Website that has more to offer than just a plain old help forum. If this security breach is so big take it to the security experts.

    The document has foundation but no real proof (yet?) I dont even want to see the proof, as this is for the author to prove to linksys now. I have forwarded the document to linksys it is in there hands. no doubt if they want confirmation of the findings, he can proof it to them.

    END OF DISCUSSION. at the end of the day, this site is for helping parties that are in need of it, and discussions of this nature are in the hands of me.

    thread closed. if you dont like it, go somewhere else. sorry.
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