Wifi Found, how to use?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DaveMcLain, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. DaveMcLain

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    I have a high speed connection that I set up at our business and through the same ISP I've been using a dial up connection at home just to check e-mail etc. Last week I switched to using a cell phone and dropped my home telephone line because I wasn't using it for anything except dial up internet access.

    Just for kicks last night I brought home a Linksys USB wireless adapter that I use at work from time to time. I hooked it up to my home computer and did a site survey. Much to my suprise I found an unsecure wifi network! This morning when I arrived at work I did a Google search on the name of the network and it's a company that provides free internet access at campgrounds and place like that in my area(rural Missouri).

    The signal is not quite strong enough at my house and registers about 37% on the Linksys wireless software. I really think that picking up the signal isn't the problem but rather transmitting from my small device IS the problem. What might be the best solution to getting the signal to be higher? I have used a Linksys WRE range extender here at work to extend the network coverage with good results, I'm wondering if it might do the same in this situation, any ideas? Having free internet access at home could be cool.
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