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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Harfam, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Harfam

    Harfam LI Guru Member

    I am trying to set up a WIFI networking system for our complex that includes 25 condos. I put a wireless "N" router in the main office which is suppose to go directional 1200 feet. But for some reason either because of walls, etc when it gets out to the farthest point it loses it signal. I put an expander that is a "G" expander and it isn't being picked up well. MOst of the people in the complex have "g" receivers. How can I improve the situation so that people can connect through walls, etc. Is there a better "expander" system?
  2. X3lectric

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    Well I would put a Extender per floor and a extender in between so that your maximising coverage with a 20% desireable overlap of signal to minimize dead spots, obviously walls reduce the so called range quite a bit depending on the individual factors of each building, like thikness of walls, type of insulation and of course other factors like electrical interference and its sources. e.g. wireless phones, neighboring wifi signals and what channel they operate in to name a few.

    Avoid using same wifi channels where possble.

    A quick test with a wifi detector (or a laptop) and a few placed extenders may help the best placing and situation so has to better design for your situation so to speak. I may sound confusing or overwelming but its quite simple.

    Replacing the standard aerials on the router and extenders may also be an alternative to number of extenders placed, of course you could consider otherways of setting this up like http://www.allwireless.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=77&products_id=236

    have a look at a few informative points


    Or you could just wack a load of equipment anywhere and be done.

    I would for the sake of security think about that as well so encryption would be a must.
  3. Harfam

    Harfam LI Guru Member

    Does an extender feed off another extender or the source router?
  4. sefs

    sefs LI Guru Member

    Put the main router in the office like you said

    put some APs between floors but on the outside of the building. They will have to be the ones that are build for outside use and henceforce must support power over Ethernet.

    Then have a cable guy run some Ethernet back to the main office router. Actually get a switch and hook the router into the switch and all the exterior APs into the switch.

    That way when the info hits the wired parts you get high speed transmissions as well as the goodness of no wires thru the whole building to maintain.
  5. X3lectric

    X3lectric LI Guru Member

    AP (access point) and extender (repeater or booster) are not the same AP require wiring in between them... Extenders not really. As a rule of thumb I would not place anything outside the building unless you want to waste signal strenght... or you want to go inbetween buildings. In some way you end up with similar problem of dead spots and weak signal since exterior walls are thicker and probaly more insulated with metallic/waterproofing membrane.

    Depends if you wanna go wired/wireless or completly wireless.

    Again a 20% overlap is desireable.

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