wifi slows even with good signal

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by PotRoastMan, Jan 13, 2007.

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    I just got an internal wifi adapter for my laptop (the wifi is dell 1370), and it is not working as good as my old PCMCIA version.. It gets connected just fine, but the speed degrades from 54mbps down to 5.5 and even 2mbps. My old pcmcia card never did this (it stays at 54mbps always). Is this thing defective or does internal wifi not work as good as the external pcmcia kind??

    Even sitting right next to the router (a foot away), according to the laptop I have -30bDm signal, -97bDm noise.. The router reports -30, -98 so SNR 68 and signal quality 79%. Yet this thing ramps down to 36mbps sometimes under these conditions. I have tried dfferent channels, etc.. but again, this was never an issue with the old PCMCIA card. The only reason I got this was so I didn't have to have the pcmcia card antenna sticking out of the side..

    Other than the speed, it's functional. I have WRT54GL with DD-WRT. Also tried increasing the Xmit power, but that did not change anything at all, so I went back to default of 28dB..
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