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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by BizSAR, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. BizSAR

    BizSAR Network Guru Member

    It seems just as I need to use the Wiki, it is DOWN. I cannot access the site at all.

    I'm looking for information on configuring every setting. Is the defunct Wiki site my only hope? Any other sites/resources out there to assist me?
  2. tievolu

    tievolu Network Guru Member

    The Wiki is up, but some kind hearted soul has deleted all the content from the main page.

    Until it's sorted out you can use the previous version.

    EDIT: Looks like the trashing was a lame attempt to replace the Wiki with an advert for an Internet pharmacy. The 'kind hearted soul' was

    EDIT 2: I've reverted the main page back to the last good version now, so it should be up and running again...
  3. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    I hate spammers ruining the internet for everyone :x
  4. BizSAR

    BizSAR Network Guru Member

    Sweet, thanks!
    Yeah, I have thye same issue with a couple of forums I run...time for vb! :)
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