Wil there be a new HyperWAP firmware coming out? WAP54G

Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by SideshowBob1969, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. SideshowBob1969

    SideshowBob1969 Network Guru Member


    Wil there be a new HyperWAP firmware coming out for our WAP54G?

    So wil there be or not??? who can anwser this???

    I think many people are being waiting but nothing happens.

    At www.hyperwap.org there is no activity anymore :cry:

    I dont understand why this is laying still becourse Sourcecode is available at Linksys:

    For: wap54gv2

    For: wap54Gv3

    Any information is welcome, post it here please.
  2. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    I'm planning to release a new HyperWRT & HyperWAP firmware. Can't give any exact date at the moment, but it will be in 2006 :bounce:
  3. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    I bought a Wap54G with firmware v3.02. Is there any firmware, HyperWAP or whatever that can boost my signal?
  4. SideshowBob

    SideshowBob Network Guru Member


    I have accedentley flash my WAP54G version 2 with the version 3 firmware and it seems that all works OK!!!! :cheering:

    Are there hardware difference between version 2 and 3 ???

    Please post here!!!

    SideshowBob :rockon:
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The version 3.0 has a SES button.
  6. SideshowBob

    SideshowBob Network Guru Member

    To: Avenger20

    If your are planing on release of a HyperWAP firmware wil there be WDS support?

    If there where more people who would write linksys support about adding WDS they wil add this feature in the next firmware release!!!

    So to all who like that the WAP54G support WDS mode please mail this to support@linksys.com (English only)!!!
  7. envoid

    envoid Network Guru Member

    yippeeeeee!!!! :cheering:
  8. DJ_HiP

    DJ_HiP LI Guru Member

    So.... its mid 2006... any updates?

    Just picked up a v2.08 wap54g, so just wondering how things are going, as i have a WRT going well, but am interested to see this wap working :)

  9. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Lets look at the issues of expected updates....

    The problem is with the "freebie community" is, they expect updates ALL the time. They think that the developer has nothing else to do and it is their sole purpose in life to make firmwares at the users demands.

    Developers create firmwares in thier own free time. They have normal jobs and lifes like the rest of us. They also get fed up from people asking

    "when is there goiing to be a new release" expecting the developers to do exactly as the users demands require. If the developer says no to something, then he is the worst in the world.

    come on guys. lets be reasonable. HyperWAP finished a long time ago. Avenger20 afaik has given up compiling and running to the call of his followers.

    Expect nothing, since the developers get nothing in return, (or very little)

    eh Thibor? :)
  10. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    here here
  11. Reiper

    Reiper LI Guru Member

    Then there are those of us that are greatful to just have a great firmware whenever we can get it! Keep up the great work Thibor! I'm a recent convert from dd-wrt and feel your firmware is a lot less "clunky".
  12. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    thank you.
  13. DJ_HiP

    DJ_HiP LI Guru Member

    Yep, I wasnt expecting anything, but there is no harm in asking a question...

    I saw that the developer stated that it would be 2006 some time.. so i thought i'd ask. :)

    Might have to do some of my own research now, and mod the source code a bit :)

    thanks anyway!

    (p.s. good work on the wrt, its nice :biggrin: )
  14. SideshowBob

    SideshowBob Network Guru Member


    I'm verry greatful to all those people who making modifications to those firmwares.

    But you dont give ONE person false hope, but hundreds or even thousand of HyperWap users.

    Have you ever think of that?

    Its verry normaly that people asking after HyperWap firmware couse they like it, so you dont can blame them for something they love!!!!
    If they dont liked it, they probably wont ask for it........

    And even I have to pay for this firmware, that would not be a problem for me!
    Couse its worth it!!!!!!!!!

    The only thing we can do is wait!!!!!!

    Note: I hope no one was hurt or wounded by reading this, I'm not responsible for any accidents by reading this text.

    Best wishes,
  15. Theli93

    Theli93 LI Guru Member

    I think the page is due for some updates, but you may find some additional information for the WAP54G firmware under "Firmware Tracker: Latest Firmware for Linksys Hardware", located HERE

    WAP54G info is at the bottom of the page.
  16. Howie69

    Howie69 Guest

    that link is dead
  17. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    ver 2 and ver 3 chipsets are different
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