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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Zeddan, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Zeddan

    Zeddan Network Guru Member

    I'm trying to rebuild my network and wondering if this will work?

    Zyxel Prestige ADSL modem connected to my WRT54G (Linksys firmware 4.x.x). The router is configured with DHCP and have 2 clients, 1 Wired client and 1 Wireless client. I've got a WAP54G from my friend and now I wonder if I could connect the AP as a client to the router in order to prolong/extend my Wifi network.
    I still want WiFi clients be able to connect to the router and access the internet connection and when I move out from the router "service area" I want to connect to my AP and still be able to access everything.

    Secondly, if this configuration is possible then what mode on the AP/Router and how shall the IP configuration look like? I assume that the router shall still have DHCP activated but shall the AP get the IP address from the router? I've read some post regarding the WDS but it seems only to work with "non offical" firmware, would this solve my problems?

    Thanx in advance!
  2. Zeddan

    Zeddan Network Guru Member

    No Answer :thumbdown:, but I've got this stuff to work by myself...
    :rockon:, with following configuration:

    1) WRT54G, flashed with DDWRT v23b, connected to the modem, with DHCP enabled, AP client mode, Lazy WDS enabled


    SSID: MyNet

    2) WAP54G, offical linksys firmware 3.03, AP repeater mode with MAC address of the WRT54G, Static IP Address


    SSID: MyNet

    3) Wired client to the WRT54G

    4) WiFi Client to the WRT54G

    SSID: MyNet

    5) WiFi Client to the WAP54G

    SSID: MyNet

    5) Wired Client to the WAP54G

    Does anyone know if WPA will work with this configuration? I will try it tomorrow, probably, but it would be nice to know before I realize that myself... :D
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