will try this wish...it is cristmas after all :):):)

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by msg_moi, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. msg_moi

    msg_moi Network Guru Member

    Hi i am new so just hop i am asking to much...

    Sorry if the post is a little long.....

    I have three wish...


    I will assume that 100mbs = 100%

    Base on windows task manager my wireless is stable at 12% (12 mbs) almost everywhere in my house.

    I notice that sometimes the transmission go up to 20-25 but not regulary.

    The connection can also rareley peak at 50% for few seconde (1-2)
    Since the hardware is able to reach that i suspect that maybe windows (home edition) is restrain my system.

    Reason i suspect that when i try to defrag i get 12 % for the analysys and 5% when defrag actually work.

    My wish is... is there a trigger we could activate to force windows use as much ressource as possible from the wireless hardware?

    I read somewhere that we can send more information in a burst. I think for us it is the MTU. it is restrict to 1500Max if we could allow more than that lets say 3000 we could cut in half the headers send wit each packet. Does this make sense??


    I read that D-Link use channel bondage (use two channel to send information) could it be possible to have the same technique with linksys with the speedbooster this mean that we could theoricly get 250mbs

    Happy new year to all
  2. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    the 802.11g standard is quoted as being 54mbps, but this is the theoretical maximum (burst) speed attainable in a perfect environment with zero interference from anything, inc. PC's or any of the hundreds of other things that might cause problems.

    speedbooster is an extension to this set of standards, and can increase speed (theoretically) by up to 35% which is a total (theoretical, burst) speed of 79.2mbps.

    even if you have a PC sitting next to your router with line of sight and a distance of only a few cm, you're not going to get a burst of that speed though, no more than you could get a speed of 56kbps on a 56kbps modem.

    any and all figures quoted by just about every piece of computer hardware you will ever buy are theoretical maximums and you will almost never get the quoted speeds.

    I've heard elsewhere (a computer mag i think, maybe last months UK edition of PC Plus or maybe PC Pro maybe you could find it on the web) that it's possible to get a sustained data transfer rate on 54g hardware of up to 45mbps with the right tweaks, but I'd be surprised if this could be done consistently across different brands of hardware.

    even 100mbps wired ethernet isn't going to give you 100mbps transfer speeds, you'll be lucky to get half that most of the time.
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