win32 version of tinyPEAP now available

Discussion in 'TinyPEAP Firmware' started by nairb2128, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. nairb2128

    nairb2128 Network Guru Member

    If you dont feel like reflashing your firmware to test tinyPEAP, you can now test it on your windows machine first. Please visit for more details.

    TinyPEAP is a very small radius server that supports PEAP authentication. It is easy to setup and use, and gives you enterprise level wireless security.

    (sorry, i know its not a firmware but it is part of a firmware project...feel free to move the post wherever you want)
  2. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Thanks for releasing windows binaries for this great project.

    But I think, there are two Openssl libraries missing in the zip file. When running peapd.exe from the command prompt, I'm getting an error message telling me, that ssleay32.dll is missing (and I'm assuming, that libeay32.dll is needed, too)

  3. nteusink

    nteusink Network Guru Member

    You could try downloading binaries of those dll's here and placing them in the tinyPEAP directory: (bottom of the page)

    Interresting stuff btw, I will probably try it this weekend.
  4. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Thanks, now it's working (I'm using the 0.9.7d build of the libraries from and renamed libssl32.dll to ssleay32.dll).

    I'm curently testing with the following setup and it seems to be working.

    peapd.exe running on a PC connected to a LAN port of the router (just peapd run, no additional startup options) and two WLAN clients connected with WPA-TKIP encryption. All PCs running XP SP1.

    Just one small note: I think you'll have to do a reboot between step 8 and step 9 in the client-setup.
    At least on my PCs XP refused to show the username/password popup until the next reboot.

    @nairb2128: great work, this Radius server is really easy to setup.

  5. bummpr

    bummpr Network Guru Member

    Help!! Can't find SSLEA32.DLL at STUNNEL.ORG...found the libeay32.dll in the Zip file but it doesn't contain the sslea32.dll,
  6. nairb2128

    nairb2128 Network Guru Member

    ill add those dll's this weekend so you dont have to hunt for them.. I totally forgot about them when i made that zip because they are in my path and thus wouldnt need to be included.
  7. scope

    scope Guest


    hi nairb2128

    i have send you an pm about an request to add tinypeap into fw.

    please message me back on this way.
  8. jbrbv

    jbrbv Network Guru Member

    TinyPEAP for use with other brands of cards and AP's

    I'm trying tinyPEAP win32 with a combination of Draytek Vigor 2900G and a Broadcom BCMWL5 card v3.20.21 card and a centrino 2200BG.
    Both the PC's/Portables are running WinXP Pro XP2.
    tinyPEAP is installed on WinXP Pro SP2.
    Alas it won't work.
    I followed your instructions on the tinyPEAP web-site.
    BTW This info is not actual as the screens in SP1 and SP2 are quite different.

    Can TinyPEAP work with other routers/APs even if they support WPA/802.1x only?
    The Vigor log gives:
    - Wrong EAP data type
    - 802.1x frame error from <MAC address>

    tinyPEAP gives: some packet info and got username jvo which is correct.
    Please help.
  9. jbrbv

    jbrbv Network Guru Member

    I'm trying TnyPEAP on a WinXP Pro machine.
    The AP and WLAN card are configured with WPA/TKIP.
    But the log gives:

    TLS_accept:error in SSLv3 read client certificate A
    In SSL Handshake Phase
    In SSL Accept mode

    What's wrong?
  10. klui

    klui Network Guru Member

    Doesn't work if .NET 1.1 is installed


    I tried to run peapd.exe but I get an error that says msvcr71.dll is not found. This DLL file is actually on my system and the problem seems to be related to me having .NET 1.1 installed (both on boxes with XP SP2 and Server 2003). When I copy this DLL into the same directory where peapd.exe is, I can run the executable and create/modify users, but I cannot get the program to listen to the machine's IP. The program tries to listen on IP UDP port 1812 and exits with a socket bind error. Using -I <IP> doesn't help. This is with the latest beta1 on the website.

  11. jbrbv

    jbrbv Network Guru Member

    Re: Doesn't work if .NET 1.1 is installed

    I had to add MFC71.dll and msvcr71.dll. You also have libeay32.dll and ssleay32? Did you manually add a port or a program for peapd.exe under exceptions from the firewall settings?
  12. klui

    klui Network Guru Member

    Re: Doesn't work if .NET 1.1 is installed

    libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll were included in the zip file. I didn't have to add mfc71.dll. Well, the system didn't complain since mfc70.dll is already on my system. I didn't have the Microsoft firewall enabled under XP and 2003.
  13. jbrbv

    jbrbv Network Guru Member

    It now works. javascript:emoticon(':D')
    Very Happy
    So the ASUS WL-500G (in AP mode) and the LinkSys WAP54G both work with the TinyPEAP Win32 binary!
    It seems that you do not need a (WaCert.pem) certificate to be installed on the Windows client.
    From the page5.html you only need to follow the instructions up till "Installing own certificate". The rest of the information was not needed.

    Is it right that a certificate is NOT needed when using the Win32 binary?
    By not using certificate's is this a security risk?
  14. linklight

    linklight Guest


    I also only got it to work without using the cert. on the windows machine.

    Is there any way to dump the WEP/WPA key from the router to see the key role via the SSH console? It would be nice to see it change on the fly.

    I would understand if not as this might be a security issue.

    Nice Work!

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