Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by Sigiman, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Sigiman

    Sigiman Network Guru Member


    how can i use my Windowsformated USB Harddisk whit a NSLU ?

    Thank you for the answers

  2. swambast

    swambast Network Guru Member


    Hi there,

    You will have to use the Linksys Setup utility (CD) and run the format command from there since the NSLU uses a Linux core. Remember, ALL data on your drive will be lost!
  3. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

    If you are running telnet enableable firmware (R25 and below) you can mount it. What firmware are you using?
  4. Sigiman

    Sigiman Network Guru Member

    i do not buy it yet. I just wana now, can I use ma Harddisk whit al my data? or have i to formated and will lost al my data?

    thank you for the respond!
  5. swambast

    swambast Network Guru Member


    The simple answer is No. No, you will not be able to plug in your hard drive into the NAS, and still see all your current Windows data.

    You MUST format the disk first, before you can use it with the NAS. So, you will have to find a place to offload all your data to, then format the NAS hard drive you want to use, and then copy all the data back over.
  6. zyclone

    zyclone Network Guru Member

    hello there.

    Like 'u3gyxap' said , if you've activated telnet, you will be able to mount anything you want.
    !!! BUT !!! , that's a really bad solution , you'll certainly loose files/data.
    fat/ntfs libraries aren't included in the firmware, so handling such partitions isn't possible without problems.

    so i second 'swambast' to say , YOU MUST FORMAT it first with the nslu2 utility.

    (i did it and see, after few weeks , that many files were 0 bytes !! that can be really irritating with important work in progress)
  7. Sigiman

    Sigiman Network Guru Member

    so it sounds for me, it's not realy possible. or its possible whit a lot of work, and how to know Telnet works.

    ok. i like to say thank you for all. but it looks like its to complicate for me.
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