Windows XP connect to WRT54G PPTPServer then browse Internet through PPTP connection?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by lovingcat, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. lovingcat

    lovingcat LI Guru Member

    Dear all,

    I would like to know whether v23 sp2 final supports the following scanario?

    Location A (Windows XP) -> Internet -> Location B (WRT54G PPTP Server) -> Internet (via the WRT54G instead of my original Internet connection)

    I have a Windows XP machine in Location A and would like to connect to WRT54G in Location B via pptp to establish a VPN connection. And at the same time I want to browse the Internet through WRT54G (instead of my original Internet connection)

    If v23 supports this feature, who are the steps I need to do?

    Your prompt help is higly appreciately!
  2. Stoney32

    Stoney32 Guest

    SSHd is what you need to setup

    If you set up ssh on your wrt54g and configure it to use port 443 which is the Https port then you configure putty which is a free ssh/telnet client for windows You have to setup tunneling to accept dynamic connections from what ever port you want to use and then once you connect you need to configure your browser to use localhost:(and port you picked) as a socks proxy. Also if you are trying to bypass some sort of content fitering you will but if you don't change your DNS server you will be using the local DNS server and then it can be seen by your DNS requests where you are going on the internet.
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I think lovingcat was asking more pointedly if the wrt54g support non-split tunnel traffic when running a pptp tunnel. That is a question that only the wrt54g folks can answer. I can tell you that the wrt router that i own does not support pptp tunnels where it is an endpoint. It does support pptp passthrough but that is all. My question is if you are connecting via pptp the you have an internet connection, is there a particular reason that you would not want to use that connection for internet traffic?
  4. lovingcat

    lovingcat LI Guru Member

    Thanks for your reply! The reason for doing is to bypass content filtering at location A. Is there other ways to let me achive the purpose? e.g. can the OpenVPN server in WRT54G be connected to Internet via the WRT54G Internet connection?
  5. sufrano63

    sufrano63 Network Guru Member

    OpenVPN is your solution. Setup OpenVPN server on the wrt and route all traffic (include internet surfing) to the wrt. Chk out the wiki for how-to instructions
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