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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Jens vermeiren, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Hello,
    As some of you may know. Vista+wireless connection+online gaming causes a lag of 2/3seconds per minute. Because of Wlan Autoconfig which is polling for the best/ stable connection in the area. I've googled this problem and found some interesting 3th party programs which should resolve the problem. I've test them but the only one that worked for 1day only :s was Vista Anti Lag. Now I'm kinda getting desperate :confused:

    Now, I've found this forum

    And I'm going to try this part.

    Hey all,

    I have had this very same problem and I had already tried all the solutions I found on the internet.
    I'm on Vista Ultimate 32Bit and I had already tried:
    - Updating drivers (then I read about the WLAN Autoconfig stuff, about Vista being the cause of the problem)
    - Then I tried WLAN Optimizer
    - And Vista Anti-Lag 1.1

    This all didn't work for me, and I read here that several other people have also tried these things without succes.

    Then I read Ty's 'possible solution' on page 2 of this topic. I followed his instructions:
    - Uninstall your drivers (through Vista's hardware configuration utility)
    - Remove the "C:Linksys Driver" folder
    - Download the Windows XP drivers here: (I know it sounds weird but just do it)
    - Run the setup.exe which extracts all files into a newly created C:Linksys Drivers (I suggest you don't change this folder)
    - Go to the hardware configuration tool, right click your network adapter and choose: update drivers. Choose to manually search your computer
    and select the Linksys Drivers folder (this will automatically select all subfolders). Installation will work.

    Then try Vista Anti-Lag 1.1 again (if you haven't already downloaded it just google for it)

    This time Anti-Lag will do it's work (check your ping with this cmd.exe command:
    ping <192.168.x.x (your router)> -t

    But I'm wondering where can I download the windows XP drivers for
    Wireless-G USB Compact USB Network Adapter

    Even though I have Windows Vista will this become any problem if I install the XP drivers?
    Already thanks in advance!
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