Windows XP Service Pack 2 Woes

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mab, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. mab

    mab Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G 1.1 running 2.04.4 Linksys Firmware and a
    Sony Vayo FX-702 with WPC54G PCMCIA card running XP Home SP1
    I use WPA TKIP security.

    It was all running OK with some occasional disconnects. now and then.
    I recently upgraded to SP2 and there the problems began. :(

    The wlan shows up and connects but does not grab a DHCP address any more. Creating a fixed address solves this part, but when I try to ping
    the lan or router, there is no traffic possible. :cry:

    Basically, the network shows up as connected and running but no communication is possible, completely dead.
    I disabled the firewall stuff, still nothing.
    Disabled WLAN security, still nothing.

    A chat with online Linksys support solves the mystery.
    There seems to be a problem in the driver of the WPC54G card in SP2
    No indication given when this will be solved.
    To double check this, I rolled back to SP1 yesterday
    All WLAN traffic is back to normal now. :D

    Anyone who got this combination working in XP SP2 ?

  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    All my computers have been upgraded to SP2 without a glitch. Wireless connection seems to be a tiny bit more steady - probably due to the fact that with the update IEEE802.1x Authentication is not needed for WPA-PSK.

    I have seen your situation before, but not because of SP2.

    Presumably your WPC54G driver is up-to-date (v3.30.15)?

    Have you tried using WEP and see if the situation improves?

    Have you also tried unplugging your WPC54G, wait about 20-30 seconds then reinsert the card? This works on my notebooks.

    Good luck.
  3. mab

    mab Network Guru Member

    I tried all authentication methods and that's not really the problem
    The problem is there is really no TCP traffic possible on the interface.

    A fixed adress configuration gave me a connected lan without
    any traffic possible

    No Ping, No DNS, No traceroute , just dead.

    I rolled back SP1 and all became normal again.

    Interesting is the following chat I had with linksys online support:
    I upgraded to XP SP 2 and the WPC54G does see and connect the network, but does not get a DHCP address any more.
    I have a WRT54G WLAN Router wit latest firmware applied.



    Linksys Support: Welcome to Linksys Live Tech Support.
    Linksys Support: Possible that the SP2 that you downloaded causes the problem.
    Me: I have installed the SP2 update and it worked without errors.
    Me: Before the SP2 update it all worked
    Linksys Support: You can try doing a system restore on your computer, like restoring it on an earlier time when you haven't installed the SP2.
    Me: The Network packet counter is updated, it sends a DHCP request , and gets something back which is not interpreted
    Me: Yes, I am about to rollback SP2 to SP1 to check if that's the case, but I hope there is a more permanent solution than sticking to SP1.
    Linksys Support: One moment please...
    Linksys Support: basically we are really having problems with the SP2, our developing team is trying to create a new driver that will work with SP2
    Me: Any ideas when it's ready for public release ?
    Linksys Support: No, possible a couple of month.
    Me: Oh, no :-( Bad news.


  4. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Just out of curiosity, did you update to SP2 with the WPC54G inserted? I downloaded the 266MB network installation and updated using it offline without any network connection or peripherals attached.
  5. mab

    mab Network Guru Member

    I updated with both the UTP Lan and the wireless active with the full download version from MS. Windows Update did not pull it due to busy servers I guess.

    Anyway, the rollback worked, and I intend to stick with it until Linksys
    releases a new driver for the WPC54G

  6. mab

    mab Network Guru Member

    Problem SOLVED!

    After a more or less related problem on my boss W2K Laptop at work
    (Lots of Instabillities and a error log of the embedded firewall in the VPN SW)
    I finally found the real problem of the W2K WLAN problems

    I'ts CISCO's VPN Ver. 4.0.3D software

    I removed this stuff and applied SP2 and BANG, it finally worked
    I get a DHCP addres on the WLAN card and traffic on the wlan card works now.

    Strange that it did not influenced my regular 100Mb LAN adapter.
    Anyway , I'm a happy camper now :)

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