wired device speeds on wireless bridge?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by e30user, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. e30user

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    I have 2 tomato based routers. One of them is my main router/dhcp server and the other is in wireless bridge mode.

    Things are working fine but I have a question about speeds.

    For this example, I have a laptop streaming media to a Playstation3. For larger movies, best performance can be had on a wired lan. My current setup is that my ps3 and my laptop are both on a wifi connection to my main router so the laptop has to do a wireless hop to the router, then another wireless hop to the ps3.

    What if I started using the wireless bridge? For example, I plug the ps3 into the bridge, and also plug the laptop into the bridge? Obviously, they are still relying on the wifi connection to the main router through the bridge. But would the laptop to ps3 connection be any faster? I thought there might be a chance that the relationship might be the same as a wired lan in this scenario due to arp caching but I have no idea.
  2. SL83

    SL83 Addicted to LI Member

    PS3 to laptop speeds should be the same as wired speeds.

    The switch is intelligent enough to know that PS3 to laptop communication doesn't have to go out over wireless.

    You can really almost think of it as what if it wasn't a wireless bridge at all? What if it was just a disconnected switch with 2 devices plugged into it - but no connection out?

    Cause that's really what it is in terms of communication between the PS3 and laptop.
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