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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ronaldson40, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. ronaldson40

    ronaldson40 LI Guru Member

    1. Is it possible to make a 20 metre pigtail for my linksys wap54g AP which has a RP TNC....

    2. If so what kind of wire and what rating(resistance - 100 ohm or 50 ohm, etc) should i use...

    3. Do I need to buy a separate antenna for this purpose or could I use the 7dbi antenna that I have for the Wap54g....i.e could i plug in the 7dbi antenna at the end of the 20m pigtail or do i need to go for a different antenna

    I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates... Wifi is still in its development stages when compared to places like the US, Europe, Australia... becos of this getting the parts, identifying the sellers of these accessories kind of become difficult...

    Linksys WAP54g page
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    What purpose are you trying to accomplish with a 20m antenna. If the antenna was a true multiple of the wavelength then perhaps it would work, however with an antenna of that size i find it hard to believe that it would transmit very well as signal loss would be to great.
  3. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    It's certainly possible to make a 20m run, but as ifican mentioned, you'll probably loose a lot of signal.

    You'll need to use LMR400 cable, which is a 50 ohm cable. Others, such as LMR195 or RG58, which are also 50 ohm cables, will have mega-losses. I seem to recall that LMR400 has 20dB/100m loss (I may be way wrong), which means you'll loose at least 4dB in the cable. Google for "LMR400 loss" or something similar.

    You could use the 7dBi antenna, but bear in mind that you won't get 7dBi no more, as part of signal is lost in the cable.
  4. ronaldson40

    ronaldson40 LI Guru Member

    Wireless Antenna

    See this is what I am trying to achieve...

    I am trying to transmit the wireless signals from my house to my brother's house...

    now there is a building in between my house and my brother's house which is hindering the wifi signals...

    So I thought of keeping one access point at my place and one at my brother's place with the antenna of each placed on the terrace in order to achieve a point to point transmission. However both of us live on the 1 st floor and both our buildings have four floors....
    The landlord does not allow me to pull out power cable out of my flat... otherwise i could have placed the entire access point (both of them) on the terrace inside a specially made box.....However if there are other means of supplyin power to the wap54g please recommend.... I was thinking of solar power or even a usb to power adapter configuration if available

    So I thought I could use a long enuf pig tail to keep these antennae on the top of the terrace and transmit signals between them...
    i.e I will using the wap54g in Remote Access point mode....

    Can you recommend a way to achieve this....

    What parts would i require...? If you have a website link or something, it will be really helpful...


  5. gumby kevbo

    gumby kevbo LI Guru Member

    Cat-5 cable has 8 wires. Only 4 (green and orange) are used for data. You can use the other 4 (blue and brown) for power if you modify the AP, or buy appropriate adapters. Search for "POE" (power over ethernet.)

    This is an excellent way to avoid feedline losses.
  6. ronaldson40

    ronaldson40 LI Guru Member

    PoE Adapters

    Thanks for your suggestion. I am going ahead with it...

    However I would like to know if the WAP54g can be used with the PoE or should i go for another access point... Could you recommend a DLINK...
  7. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    Although some devices list themselves as "PoE" compatible, any device is compatible if the wiring is done right. Certified PoE means that a PoE adapter is available as plug and play. You can make your own. As mentioned, you only need 2 pairs (4 wires) for 10/100MB Ethernet which leaves you with 2 more pairs for something else.

    Find someone with cabling expertise and it shouldn't be a problem. This will work much better than a long antenna cable. Worse case is that you would need to bump up the power supply to a heavier unit but at 20 meters it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. gumby kevbo

    gumby kevbo LI Guru Member

    Some AP's/routers don't play well when you mix brands in a peer-peer (bridging) situation. The linksys WAP11s were exactly such a case. They had a client mode, but if the AP was anything other than another WAP11 they would not work. I think the issue is that it is unusual for the units to be used in non-AP applications, so the firmware doesn't get the testing it really needs to be robust.

    I've had good luck using Linksys WET11s in your situation. Only 11 Mb/s, but that is plenty if all you are trying to do is share an internet connection. These are all designed to work as a client with any standard AP/Wireless router, or peer-peer in ad-hoc mode. I like the WET11s because they are compact for mounting in a weatherproof housing, and since they are not "g" devices, they are fairly cheap on Ebay. (some folks have lots of trouble with them though) That may not be a good option for you, since you are not in the US. Any gaming adapter, or ethernet-WiFi bridge product should work similarly.
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