Wireless bridge between WRT54G and GS.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by CookeSkyVista, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. CookeSkyVista

    CookeSkyVista Network Guru Member

    Some of you may remember my setup. Ive got everything in now and just having a problem setting it up.

    Ive got a WRT54GS as the main router coming in off the modem which I have an external hawking panel antenna connected to. I placed another router (WRT54G) only about 100' away but its across a hwy. From this other router I have 5 or 6 more routers connected LAN port to LAN port and they are setup to act as AP's (dhcp turned off, firewall off).

    My question is how do I get these two routers (the main one in my office and the one across the street) to communicate with each other as a bridge?

    Also the one in my office I have 2 computers hardwired to and another router acting as an AP for this building wired to it. I want this to still function.

  2. InnovativeNetworks

    InnovativeNetworks Network Guru Member

    Go buy 2 Linksys APs, turn on bridge mode, put in each other's mac address, reboot, your good to go....that's it. :D
  3. Kraethor

    Kraethor Guest

    I installed the Sveasoft Alchemy firmware on mine and set up WDS to handle a similar problem. It worked great.

    You could also follow this link.
  4. CookeSkyVista

    CookeSkyVista Network Guru Member

    Ive got one SRX AP that I want to use for one of the APs along the chain.

    Ive already got the two routers I mentioned to use for this purpse of the bridge. I would prefer to use these.
  5. CookeSkyVista

    CookeSkyVista Network Guru Member

    Anyone? From reading it looks like a Hyper WRT setup on the two routers for bridge mode?

    I want the one to take all traffic from 5+ APs that are LAN connected to it and broadcast it to the main router w/ the panel outdoor antenna.
  6. CookeSkyVista

    CookeSkyVista Network Guru Member

    Ive installed Hyper WRT and followed the directions given by "Traveller" over on the hyperwrt forum. I reboot both routers and the wlan light on them starts working like its doing something.

    From a wireless laptop I cannot see them though. Is this because they are only in WDS mode though and NOT AP mode? That part is fine if its the case

    BUT when I go to connect the laptop to one of them through a cable and lan ports I still cannot access the interet.

    How do I have it so all the APs that are daisy chained on one side of the bridge get access to the internet?

    Here is my setup to give you a better idea:

    Internet--> WRT54GS1 <---Bridge--> WRT54GS2 <---->AP<----->AP<----->AP<------>AP<-------->AP

    I have several APs needing to communicate back to the main router, dhcp server, internet. If I could wire the whole way this wouldnt be a problem but as you see I need that bridge in the one spot.
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