Wireless Bridge Mode Causes Network Wide Lag Spikes

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Skurvy_Pirate, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Skurvy_Pirate

    Skurvy_Pirate LI Guru Member

    I have been noticing lately (probably due to a very lag sensitive game) that I am getting a bad lag spike every so often. When it happens, any other device on the network (tried with phone and another laptop running ping -t) either has a very high response time of 1000-2000ms or it will time out for a ping.

    If I do not have the second router connected as a wireless ethernet bridge I do not see this happening. I have tried a few settings, like changing both routers to be G only, enabling Frame Burst, etc, but nothing seems to help.

    Both routers are WRT54G running Tomato v1.28. Both are on channel 11 and the security is WPA Personal. Any ideas what is going on here?
  2. Skurvy_Pirate

    Skurvy_Pirate LI Guru Member

    Well after some more research I tried using Wireless Client mode and that seems to solve the problem, but it puts everything on the second router on it's own subnet and now my streaming and sharing between computers isn't working. I can't ping between devices on the two routers, but both can access the internet just fine.
  3. Skurvy_Pirate

    Skurvy_Pirate LI Guru Member

    Anyone have any ideas? Or can point me where I can get some info on this? I am fine setting it up using the Wireless Client mode if I can get all my devices to see each other.
  4. ipse

    ipse LI Guru Member

    This could be a late response...but I faced the same problem when trying to extend my 5GHz network.
    I ended up giving up on Tomato and using DD-WRT with bridge mode ...works flawlessly. All my devices are on the same network and it keeps things simple.
    I'm still running Tomato on my main router, no conflicts with the DD-WRT client bridge.
  5. Skurvy_Pirate

    Skurvy_Pirate LI Guru Member

    Thanks. I will give it a shot. I have used DD-WRT before but not in years because Tomato was more stable then.

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