Wireless Bridge Xbox 360/WRT54G v2 (works but freezes)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by wamblej, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. wamblej

    wamblej Guest

    I am having issues with my router, and I need some help please.
    I have a wireless router upstairs bridge to my WRT54g w/Tomato 1.25 (downstairs).
    It works great except.... after about 20 minutes of playing the XBox the router basically freezes. It is no longer accessible through a web browser and I am disconnected from XBox live.
    There are 3 ways I can get it back to functioning: Wait ~15 minutes and something times out in the router and it starts up again, power cycle the router, or just unplug the network cable and somehow that releases whatever is freezing the router.
    If anyone has any idea what could be locking up my router after 18-20 minutes (almost like clockwork), and a way around it, that would be amazing.
    Tomato firmware appears to be awesome for what I am trying to do and if I could get this running and stable I would be very grateful!
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