Wireless Client setup help please.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by smokozuna, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. smokozuna

    smokozuna Addicted to LI Member

    Wireless Bridge & Xbox 360 Setup...

    I have 2 wrt54gl routers running Tomato 1.19, one router I have connected to 1 PC and it supplies wireless to 2 laptops that are WEP encrypted. I would like to know how to setup the second router to connect to Xbox live on my son's Xbox 360 please.
  2. AF35

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    I have changed to DD-WRT so I won't be sure where exactly is all the functions i'm talking about. So this is a general direction.

    you have to setup the 2nd router's WAN as "client" and get IP via the first router.

    once you have done that you can plug the xbox360 to the second router via a cable (wireless won't work anymore on the 2nd router as it becomes a "client")

    make sure you either turn on the DHCP server on the LAN port of the 2nd router or turn bridging feature on to allow the 1st router to pass IP to the xbox

    you should be good to go.
  3. smokozuna

    smokozuna Addicted to LI Member

    Thanks for the help. I found the solution to the problem, run router B in Wireless Ethernet Bridge mode. Everything is working perfectly now. Here are the setup instructions I used, maybe they will help someone else.

    (i) Buy a WRT54GL router.

    (ii) Follow the basic set up instructions

    (iii) Download to your computer the Tomato firmware

    (available at http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato)

    (iv) Follow instructions (reboot your modem and router, etc.) to ensure proper installation

    (v) Type in the "router" IP address into your browser (w/ the router plugged in to your computer) to access the Tomato router set up interface (default


    (a picture of this interface is at http://www.polarcloud.com/img/ssbn100.png)

    (vi) Make the following changes via the Tomato router management tool under "Basic" / "Network" (in the left hand bar of the Tomato management window):

    (a) Set up the security to match your wi-fi router security settings (i.e. WPA, etc.);

    (b) In the box to the right of "SSID" type the name of your home network (i.e. what you see when you access your wi-fi network at home, such as

    "Jones Residence" or "Belkin" etc.);

    (c) *Manually* change the last portion of the "Router IP Address" to something new -- for example, (Note: the highest value for a

    network address is 254)

    (d) Set the "Wireless Mode" to "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" (Note: in Wireless Bridge you can only connect one device to the router even though the

    router has 4 ports. This is a limitation of MAC addressing in 802.11

    (vi) REBOOT your wireless modem (i.e. Cable modem) (wait 20+ seconds), reboot your home Wi-Fi router (wait 20+ seconds), and reboot your (now) Wireless Bridge.
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