Wireless connection between 2 houses - about 200 feet apart

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Dec 29, 2005.

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    I've been fighting with a wireless problem for the last two months simply trying to extend the range of my current wirless network that I'm hoping someone could help me with.

    I have a WRT54GX2 wireless router at Location 1, and am trying to get the same signal to another house at Location 2. As long as you are in one particular room at Location 2 that is within line of site of location 1, you can pick up a useable connection. But if you try to move anywhere else at location 2, the signal is lost. What I would like is to have some kind of wireless device at location 2 to boost the signal throughout that house. There is no ethernet cabling that can be done at location 2, so absolutely everything there needs to be wireless. I've been given conflicting information from Linksys about the compatability of the WTR54GX2 router and other wireless devices such as bridges and other access points. I've tried using a dedicated Linksys repeater which didn't seem to do any good. I also just bought a WAP54G to use as a repeater, but according to Linksys, it cannot communicate with my WRT54GX2.

    Basically, I need to keep my WRT54GX2 at location 1 because it at least gets the signal to location 2. I cannot have ethernet cabling at location 2 and really have to avoid external antennas. Does anyone have a suggestion or a reliable method of getting this to work? I don't mind spending an additional $200 or so, as long as I know it will work.

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    Thats tough. Hum. Are there any High Gain antennas? sounds like you cant do to much except keep it in that one window with line of site. Move your houses closer together.
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    These type of routers are really line or sight. You can go through walls, and other minimal structure. Going through the earth is nearly impossible. If by line of sight you mean you have earth in the way you will likley not be successful.

    I am doing the exact same thing you are (with the same router). I found three things helped.

    The first was to put the router up high. When we were below the router it worked poorly. My router is curretntly about 3 feet above the highest point where anything needs to access it. It is 12 feet above the lowest point.

    The second was antenna aiming. I spent hours playing and found one verticle one horizontal, and one at 45 all on one side was the best. This leads me to the last thing.

    I am using this thing in sort of a directional way. It mounts flat on the front wall of one buliding on my property. The second building is actually parallel to the other building. I really suprised my how poor the signal is behind the router when the antennas are splayed up and out the front. Based on this behaviour I think a reflector behind the unit could extend the range even furher. I'm just not an antenna guy, and only know enough to know there is technology involved I don't understand. With the right directional antenna I think I could shoot a signal through both of my buildings with full coverage starting at one end.

    I have spend about 5 hours on this and that is my result, hope it helps.

    For what it is worth, this has NOT been a good router for me. I am getting a 350+ foot signal that is quite usable at the fringes. I have had to reboot everything involved including the router hundreds of times in several months. Linksys is no help, and has moved on to another new product. Turn off all logging, and disable "discard wan side ping". I like both these features, but the router can go 4 or 5 days without a reboot without them on. The firmware on this thing has more bugs than I can count, and if you load the unofficial upgraded firmware the boot messages are downright scary. The log files are nearly useless because the software seems to use many times and dates, but none are correct!

    Good luck.
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