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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Hello everybody. I just bought a Linksys (obviously) WRT54G router and I am having problems getting my wireless to work. Cable connections work fine. The only way I can connect wirelessly is to use the feature on the "Basic Wireless Settings tab called "Reset Security." Then I get a WPA key, go to my laptop and connect using the key and it works.......for 5 minutes. I get cut off and then I can not reconnect unless I reconfig the security again. I've tried disabling the security all together but that didn't work. I figure I don't really need that cause I'm using a MAC filter (and yes I made sure to type in the right MAC address for my wireless card). I can't even get the correct network names to show up on the view available connections list if I try to type one in manually. The only ones that show up are the ones created when I do Reset Security. Was on the phone with some dude in India that came to the conclusion that the hardware is bad, but I dissagree since I do get access for a while. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Are you running windows XP on your Laptop?

    If so, the problem may be windows and not the router.. Do a Google search, there is all kinds of information about wireless connection problems like this posted on the net.

    It appears that the windows Zero Config Connection manager is the problem. It goes off on it's own trying to fing a better connection for no real reason.. I'm running Windows XP SP2 which has the fixes in the "Wireless Rollup pack" Maybe they'll get it right with SP3 . . :grin: It's just another one of those windows thing.. :)

    I disabled the Windows connection manager as suggested on may sites and now use the connection manager provided by my card manufacturer. This has solved my random disconnect problem.. It also gave me the bonus of a better utilities for monitoring my connection, checking for WiFi signals and even logging my connection.

    Casey . . .
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    If you are using Windows XP SP2, install the WPA2 hotfix from the Microsoft website. You should enable SS-ID broadcast. Forget about MAC Address filtering, since it really does not offer any security, since you can can the MAC address of a Wireless NIC and the MAC addresses are sent in plain text. You should not be using 802.1X security, since you do not have a Radius Server, or are using certificates, are using LEAP or EAP, so disable it.
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