wireless connection to WDS on wrt45g

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zoomer, Mar 22, 2008.

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    I used Toxic's tutorial guide to setup wds on (2) wrt45g. Works perfectly. SLightly modified since I have the version 8 of routers, i flashed with firmware from dd-wrt.com
    My problem now is that I can't connect wirelessly to the internet. If i hard wire to either host or client router...i can connect.

    I'm trying on both a vista laptop and an xp laptop.
    1: Since the tutorial said to set the SSID the same on both routers when i bring up the list of available wireless network...i get both routers broadcasting. I assume you can only connect to host router that is directly linked to the cable modem and not the non-wired router? or does it not matter?

    My bigger problem:
    I click on the taskbar to bring up the list of available networks.
    I find the network for my routers both of them, but i cannot connect.
    I get more options on the xp laptop where i can setup the profile and enter in my wep key, but then nothing.

    On the vista laptop, clicking to connect to the network gives me an immediate fail to connect and no other options to try and provide a wep key?

    Does WDS only work as G-only? The tutorial shows the wireless network mode to be mixed suggesting you can use b adaptor units?

    Any input on how to connect my wireless devices to toxics wds configuration would be MUCH appreciated. I've spent 4 days doing this with what limited knowledge and readings from the web and this is my last and only source for help.

    thank you,

  2. zoomer

    zoomer LI Guru Member

    I moved this question to the main network issue forum.
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