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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by nesho289, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. nesho289

    nesho289 Network Guru Member

    Ok im a newbie here.. But not a newbie with networking

    I just got a wrt54g wireless router and a pair of 9DBI high gain omni antenna's. And I want to get connection about 200 feet away in a neighboors house. (threw half of mine across a street and 3/4 the way threw their house. I ran my wireless in the front window. got barely a connection. This is with hyperwrt firmware and signal boosted 100% (84mw). Now should I go out and buy a different antenna for thier pci wireless card (hawking 802.11g) or mod mine. It has a small antenna that isnt attached as it is, but it barely connects at 1 mbps maybe 2.

    Now can I rig my router to boost up more power?. Or get a second wireless router and set it up as a booster, and put it in the side of their house that faces me.

    Anything will help
  2. rashani

    rashani Network Guru Member

    New antenna on their side would probably be best.

    I wouldn't recommened boosting too far beyond 200% of the default setting, as it creates noise and in some cases makes the equipment fail sooner.

    Might work best. Have both routers run in WDS mode and it should work.

    Hope this helps just a little. 8O
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The circuitry in the router is designed to operate in certain power ranges. At a certain point, the power supply and the output transisters will start to clip, which will increase noise levels and actural decrease your range. If you use directional antennas, it would boost your range.
  4. nesho289

    nesho289 Network Guru Member

    I have changed the firmware to DD-WRT so I can run 251 mw. So hopefully with a different antenna for their end and some more power I wont have any problems.

    And I put a 120mm fan on top of the router to keep it cooler.
  5. rashani

    rashani Network Guru Member

    251?? Don't. Not only is it illegal (due to the antennas you're using with it), it messes up everybody elses wireless equipment, even those not in the 2.4 GHz range.
  6. windsurfer

    windsurfer Network Guru Member

    Increasing your power only fixes one half of the data transfer. You need to fix both receive and send. I would go back to a much lower power and start working on a new router/antenna on their end. Either one or both will help.

    You could also put a much larger antenna on your end. This will boost the signal in receive as will as transmit equally. Boosting both is the only way to really solve the problem.

    A WRT54G connected to a three foot dish will go through walls at 3/4 of a mile using DD-WRT software.

  7. jjmack

    jjmack Network Guru Member

    Try adding a wireless ethernet bridge

    Linksys has a wireless ethernet bridge (mine is a WET11 using 802.11b) that works fine for this.

    I put a WRT54G to the furthest point in my building and set it up as a cascaded router on my network. To make the bridge, I put the WET11 bridge in the closest point on the neighboring building to pick up a signal from the WRT54G unit, and plugged that into the WAN port on another WRT54G unit in the neighboring house. Finally, I changed the chanel on the WRT54G unit in the neighboring house to Channel 9 so that it wouldn't interfer with the channels on the network in the first building.

    This WET11 unit was about $69 if I remember.
  8. nesho289

    nesho289 Network Guru Member

    ok I went out and bought a wireless range extender.. also changed firmware back to hyperwrt so 84mw is it. Also I changed the pci adapter to a linksys one.

    So.. now on to running the range extender to the closest point in house2. and finding a spot for my router so it can communicate good.
  9. nesho289

    nesho289 Network Guru Member

    And for an update. The linksys wireless expander did work... was able to connect at 36-48mbps. (not bad).

    Now for moving the router in its permanent localtion and see what my results are.
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