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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by opus2008, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. opus2008

    opus2008 Network Guru Member

    I recently upgraded the firmware on my WRT54G (v1.1) from the official Linksys firmware to DD-WRT prefinal 2, to take advantage of static DHCP and signal boost, primarily. Since the upgrade, my wireless connections have been dropping several times per day. They'll go down for a minute or two, then reconnect.

    This is true for a laptop running Windows XP as well as a Linux laptop, so it seem unlikely to be client-related. Also, the wireless connections were rock-solid before upgrading.

    Here's what I did:
    1. flashed the firmware to dd-wrt prefinal 2
    2. After noticing the disconnects, I reset the router defaults by holding in the reset button for 30+ seconds, and reconfigured.
    3. The disconnects continued, so I did some searching, and changed the beacon interval to 50ms.
    4. I still saw disconnects, so I upgraded to the now-released prefinal 3.2.
    While running prefinal 2, I ssh'd into the router, ran dmesg, and saw lots of "ip_conntrack_tcp: invalid new deleting." I don't know if that's related, but I thought I'd mention it.

    So, after all this, the disconnects continue, several per day. Can anyone offer some advice?

    Thank you! :-D
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    try dd-wrt 20 i think that is the most stable firmware.

    if that does not help try to move closer to te ap

    what i your signal strength.

    run a nvramerase;reboot in the telnet window.

    try hyperwrt or another 3rd party firmware and see if the diconnects till occur
  3. opus2008

    opus2008 Network Guru Member

    "nvramerase" didn't appear to be a command, so I did some research and used "mtd erase nvram" instead. After this, I restarted the router. I found then that I could connect over wireless, but none of the ethernet jacks on the back seemed to work (including the WAN port).

    I did some more research, though (using a spare WRT54G, thank goodness!), and found that others have had this same problem with v1.1 of the router. To fix it, they used the "reset firmware" option in the admin console. I did this, and now the wireless and wired connections all seem to be working.

    I *just* got it going again, though, so it remains to be seen if the disconnects continue to occur.
  4. TheCowG0d

    TheCowG0d Guest

    I'm also eager to hear your results. I was running prefinal 3.2 and was seeing the same disconnects as you described. Unfortunately, I only have one and it's the router for my home network, so I don't have as much flexibility to take my time and research and experiment (the rest of my family was getting quite pissy about the unreliable connection). I switched to HyperWRT this morning, on the assumtion that it will be more stable. We'll see if that's the case, but assuming the disconnects WERE due to DD-WRT, I'd love to find a solution to that problem, because I miss some of its features (particularly static mappings for DHCPd).
  5. opus2008

    opus2008 Network Guru Member

    Yeah, I'm right there with you. My fiance is going to kill me, I think, if she gets disconnected again. :)

    But, everything seems to work fine now, after I reset the NVRAM using the command above, and then used the "reset firmware" option in the control panel. The random disconnect problems have gone away, and the ethernet jacks on the back work fine now, too.

    Good luck!
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