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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by _404, Oct 10, 2008.

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    Somewhat of a lurker/n00b here. Installed the latest tomato on my wrt54g 1.1 and i am trying to make an ethernet bridge with my cousins cablemodem/wireless router combo (Motorola Wireless Cable Modem Gateway SBG900) two houses over. I can connect to the network with my pci wireless nic with good speeds. Unfortunately i cannot get tomato to connect to the modem. I did search the boards for tips. Here is what i did so far.

    Disabled dhcp on both the router and on my pc.
    On the LAN area i Set the routers ip to
    Set the subnet mask to
    Set the gateway to the cable modems IP of
    Static DNS was left alone

    My PC IP info is
    IP address
    subnet mask
    Default Gateway

    Here is the info i entered into tomato

    Wireless Mode Wireless Ethernet Bridge
    B/G Mode Mixed B+G
    Radio Enabled
    SSID Motorola
    Security -
    Channel 1 - 2.412 GHz
    RSSI -83 dBm
    Noise -96 dBm
    Signal Quality 49

    Tomato seems constantly try to connect but can't. It continually has the spiraling hourglass symbol at the bottom forever. Is there something i am missing? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. Rob650

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    For Wireless Ethernet Bridge you should be using the same subnet as the access point you're trying to connect to.

    Set Tomato's IP address to

    You can use DHCP on your computer if you want to, otherwise set it as follows...

    IP address
    subnet mask
    Default Gateway

    Other than that I'm not sure. Double check the channel, SSID, etc.
  3. xjulzkx

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    Also, get the MAC Address of your SBG900 Motorola Wireless, and on your WRT54G running Tomato under the 'Basic' menu, make sure that your WDS setting is set to "Link With..." and enter the MAC address of your SBG900 Motorola Wireless. Also on the Basic page, make sure you change it from DHCP to Disabled on your WAN / Internet Type. Enter the ip of your SBG900. Also, on the first line of DNS, enter the same ip of your SBG900. Then click 'Save' down below.

    Also, on your WRT54G, goto 'Advanced' -> 'DHCP / DNS' and ensure 'Use Internal Caching DNS Forwarder' is ticked. If not, tick it, click save down.

    Basically, you want the WRT54G to act simply as a bridged DHCP forwarder to your Motorola Cable Modem which will be your main DHCP.

    Once all done, test it out, connect something to the WRT54G Router, and see if you can ping your Motorola Cable modem. If you can ping it but still can't get any net access, try going back to your WRT54G Tomato web interface and go to 'Advanced' -> 'DHCP / DNS'. And tick the box that says 'Reduce Packet Size' and click 'Save'.

    *EDIT* - I also noticed the Motorola Router you are using does not support WPA2, so in your WRT54G, be sure that it is running on the SAME SSID, Channel, WPA/WEP Security setting and same Security Password as you have setup on your Motorola Router. I would try and get it working without any wireless security at first. Once working, setup WPA on your motorola and setup identical WPA security on your WRT54G router.
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