Wireless-G WRT54 G - connection problems

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by obasa, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. obasa

    obasa Network Guru Member

    I am knew to your site, and to the gane of wireless connection, so forgive my novice manner :sadbye:

    However, since setting up my wireless - G broadband router, the WRT54 G model. My laptop which has the Centrino technology initial picked up the signal with no problem, and ran successfully for 5 days, with the Wireless network Connection 2 showing excellent strength.

    Then suddenly after logging off, to go out, on my return I logged on my laptop as normal and immediately the Wireless Network Connection icon stated ' not connected' :shock: :shock:

    Since then I have sought advice, conducted numerous checks but nothing is happening. The wiresless network box, states that no wireless connections can be found, despite that the wireless router is showiing all the right lights etc with nothing dropping out. :shock: :shock:

    All my Windows XP driver and wireless drivers have ben checked and found to be fine - so I am lost. I have now spoken to so many IT people and they are all puzzled to why the signal is not feeding through.

    Perhaps anyone on the fabulous site could assist or advice if they have come across a similar problem.

    I miss having the wireless access :(

  2. neiltoe

    neiltoe Network Guru Member

    check your SSID My laptops are picky about that to connect there are tons of possibilities on ur prob so I would say start from scratch and give it all a go.
  3. obasa

    obasa Network Guru Member

    Cheers :) Thank you for your reply.

    However I now have it successfully up and running, I did not realise that the laptop had a wireless switch/button to activate it :oops: Then have browsed the settings, altered a couple of things and hey presto! Connected :thumb: Full strength as well :cheering:
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