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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by burritoboy9984, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. burritoboy9984

    burritoboy9984 Addicted to LI Member

    I know I have seen topics on this before, but I can't find them atm... I can't seem to get a decent speed with either of my routers using Tomato. Using the stock firmware, I am able to get around 5-7 MBps during a file transfer from my fileserver attached via gigabit. When I use tomato, I almost always get 500-700KBps. After I changed it to 20mhz the first time, I got 5MBps, but after letting it sit a few minutes, I am back to 500KBps. I have tried every possible setting I can think of as far as wireless options are concerned (without getting into the advanced options yet). I am going to try the advanced options and perhaps dd-wrt this weekend to see if it gets any better.

    Anyone else have thoughts or advice on which way to proceed?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. WRobertE

    WRobertE Addicted to LI Member

    You need to provide some info regarding your setup ...

    Like ...

    what router hardware are you using?
    what version of tomato are you using?
    what wireless network adapter are you using?
  3. burritoboy9984

    burritoboy9984 Addicted to LI Member

    sorry, I figured I had tried multiples of each, so it wasn't the hardware... This is going to be short, I'm at work typing on a tiny netbook...

    2x e2000
    1x rt-n16
    junky wireless usb (not at home atm, will post when I find out)
    AirLink101 AWLL6075
    intel wireless in one of the laptops
    using toastman's latest on one e2000 and victek on the other
    using toastman's second newest on the rt-n16

    Doesn't matter which hardware is connected, results are constantly the same. For reference, I get 1.4MBps with wireless G connected, and less than half with wireless N.

    Thanks again for the help!
  4. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    Erik, do an electric noise background measure first, second, seek the cleanest wireless channel, then test again.
  5. burritoboy9984

    burritoboy9984 Addicted to LI Member

    electric noise background test?

    in my area, there are only other routers on 3 of the channels, I have tried the ones farthest from the used channels so far...

  6. WRobertE

    WRobertE Addicted to LI Member

    Here are a few ideas...

    First, I would download this utility:

    This will give you a good picture of the other wireless routers in your area and will quickly show if there are possible overlapping channels in use that may be causing an interference issue.

    Channel 1 is typically less affected by microwaves, etc. Try using that channel and see if you notice any improvement.

    Any 2.4 GHz cordless phones in use? These things can cause a lot of interference problems.

    You mentioned having 3 routers. Are your routers setup in a WDS arrangement?

    Are you using QOS (quality of service)? If so, disable it and see if the situation improves. If so, your QOS setup may be limiting your throughput (that's what it's for, after all).

    Read this thread for some other suggestions:

    Here's an article on SmallNetBuilder:

    These kinds of problems require persistence to resolve.
  7. burritoboy9984

    burritoboy9984 Addicted to LI Member

    It won't be until sunday before I have time to test, but I have a couple of quick questions to your responses.

    I was under the understanding that qos only affected wan traffic and not lan traffic, is this incorrect? My setup is like so...

    (Router) -> (Switch) -> (Router as access point which I am connecting to)

    So in theory, the router shouldn't even be affecting lan traffic in that setup. But I am still unsure if qos affects lan traffic. Regardless, I will try to disable it this weekend as well.

    A couple more answers to questions, we don't use our home phone other than for the security system, so we don't have any wireless phones. I have used the inssider program before, and it looked like there was little/no interference around. I have tried channel 1 already, but will try so again this weekend. The routers are not in a wds arrangement. I have an rt-n16 as the main router, and I have an e2000 (just replaced a dgl4500) upstairs as an access point/switch. I have a spare e2000 as well.

    Thanks again for the replies and comments!
  8. WRobertE

    WRobertE Addicted to LI Member

    In your initial post, you didn't specify whether you noticed the slowdown on WAN or LAN transfers so that's why I mentioned looking at QOS.

    This article says that the DD-WRT firmware can be configured to do QOS over WAN or WLAN/LAN:

    I'll have to defer to others on the forum as to how the Tomato QOS function is implemented (Toastman - can you clarify?). I don't have a need for QOS in my setup.
  9. burritoboy9984

    burritoboy9984 Addicted to LI Member

    Ahhh, yes... Sorry, I meant using a file transfer, OP updated.

  10. Victek

    Victek Network Guru Member

    Your wireless card?.. model, chipset, or many wireless card?
  11. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Have you tried turning off all of the unnecessary bells and whistles in Advanced/Wireless setup? Especially Interference Mitigation. That one setting is responsible for many of the reported strength and connectivity problems. In my firmware releases I've turned all of the crap off by default. Anyone who wants to see what they do (if anything) can turn them back on.
  12. burritoboy9984

    burritoboy9984 Addicted to LI Member


    Cool, will try this weekend..

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